Night economy development and the role of Hong Bang district

Night economy development and the role of Hong Bang district
Night economy development and the role of Hong Bang district

In fact, the requirement to develop night economy, pedestrian street, to be implemented in Hong Bang district in the immediate future has been proposed by the city for many years. The important basis for the city to decide to choose Hong Bang district is because Hai Phong has invested trillions of dong to renovate and embellish the Tam Bac river; downtown strip.

This area is also associated with Iron Market, a busy commercial center of Hai Phong for decades. Moreover, after being renovated and embellished, the two banks of Tam Bac River have a completely new look, really charming and attractive; Tam Bac river from “Cinderella” suddenly turned into a swan, likened to the “Xen River” of Hai Phong. Thus, this area has met the most essential conditions to develop the night economy, deploy walking routes, attract domestic and foreign tourists and city people.

In fact, following the direction of the city, Hong Bang district has actively developed the night economy and pedestrian street. On the occasion of the last Lunar New Year, the district has piloted models of dining and nightlife services in this area. Before that, city industries such as Culture and Sports; Tourism… also deployed check-in points in Hai Phong; street performances…, attracting the attention of many people, especially young people…

However, it all just stops there. How effective has not been a specific assessment. The night economic model and the pedestrian street have only been disturbed and have not yet been shaped specifically. Appropriate mechanisms, policies and models are also not available. Especially still struggling, confused in implementation.

The representative of Hong Bang district, the locality assigned the task, suggested that the city soon study and develop a specific project and model for the district to have a basis for implementation. Meanwhile, the city’s leaders asked the district to be the pioneer to pave the way, conduct a pilot to summarize, evaluate and build a model for the city. And this is the time when Hong Bang district must promote more strongly the spirit of initiative, creativity, research and propose an effective model of night economy and pedestrian street development, ensuring high feasibility. best.

Developing the night economy is a model that has been implemented by the whole world for a long time and the effect is enormous. According to statistics, the average visitor to Vietnam spends 96 USD/day, while Thailand is 163 USD/day; Singapore is 325 USD/day just because they have a lot of night economic activities. The night economy in Sydney creates 234,000 jobs each year, generates $27.2 billion in revenue and brings in $102 billion to Australia. Most of the major cities in Europe have a developed night economy, especially the cities most visited by tourists such as Paris, Lyon; London; Amsterdam; Berlin; Madrit; Rome; Venice… In New York, each year the city collects nearly $19 billion in the night economy from art shows and exhibitions; sport; Bar and food…

According to calculations, in Ho Chi Minh City, the largest economic center in the country, every 4 hours of the night economy can contribute from 5-8% of the city’s GDP. Such a great profit, but unfortunately, in Vietnam, there are only a few famous nightlife venues such as Ta Hien Street (Hanoi); Bui Vien Street (Ho Chi Minh City). Hai Phong, the third largest city in the country, is still struggling and confused as above.

Currently, the Government has directed the Ministry of Planning and Investment to develop a night economic development project to develop commercial and service activities that will take place from 6 pm to 6 am the next morning. Thus, the night economy is not only a trend anymore, but there will be enough legal corridors to implement it. Hai Phong is the third largest city in the country; As the center of tourism, commerce and service of the North and the whole country, the development of the night economy must be one of the priorities that need to be urgently thought about and implemented, and Hong Bang district is the first locality to bear the burden. carry this responsibility.

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