Calling for help from the Prime Minister, but no renewable electricity investor has sent a dossier to sell electricity

The investor of renewable power projects called for help from the Prime Minister about the shortcomings in the price mechanism, but did not send the electricity sale dossier to EVN – Photo: N.KH.

EVN said, implementing the guiding documents and instructions of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Electricity Regulatory Authority on the negotiation of electricity prices and power purchase and sale contracts for transitional projects, on March 9, the Electricity Trading Company under EVN (EPTC) has sent a document to 85 investors of transition projects (with a capacity of over 4,676 MW).

At the request of EVNEPTC, investors must review the project’s legal documents to comply with legal regulations on investment and construction. Get opinions of the power system operator on the absorption capacity of the national power system and the capacity to release capacity of the power grid related to the project.

At the same time, develop the electricity price plan according to the cash flow discount method similar to the guidance in Circular No. 57 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the method of determining the electricity generation price, the order of checking the power purchase and sale contract; Provide project documentation.

However, according to EVN’s updated information, as of March 18, none of the 85 renewable power investors among the 85 investors in transitional projects have submitted documents according to the above proposals.

Therefore, EVNEPTC proposes to receive documents from investors of transitional projects as soon as possible to have a basis to proceed with the next steps.

Although there is an electricity price frame issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade as a basis for negotiating prices and power purchase contracts, the above fact shows that investors have not yet agreed.

Previously, 36 investors (investing in 34 projects with a total capacity of 2,090.97 MW) had filed a petition to the Prime Minister. The project owners said that electricity could not be sold due to shortcomings in the new electricity price framework mechanism and regulations on power purchase and sale contracts.

“The application of this new regulation will cause legal inadequacies, as well as affect the financial performance of investors, causing businesses to fall into losses and go bankrupt,” the businesses expressed.

However, in response to investors, the Ministry of Industry and Trade affirmed that the promulgation of regulations related to the electricity price bracket of transition projects and the power purchase agreement is in accordance with regulations, ensuring the order and procedures. relate to.

Accordingly, the determination of the price bracket is calculated by an independent advisory council from fluctuations in input parameters of all stages, the actual costs of renewable power plants invested before the time limit of the preferential pricing mechanism. expires in effect.

In order to remove difficulties for investors and implement price negotiations and procedures related to electricity purchase and sale, it is expected that on March 20, EVN will hold a conference to discuss with energy investors. transitional regeneration.

Renewable electricity continuesRenewable electricity continues to ‘call for help’

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