Captain Vu suspects that his future father-in-law is laundering dirty money

Mr. Hung’s direct question made Vu confused and began to suspect that his future father-in-law was involved in dirty money.

In episode 47 of the movie Wits Aired tonight, September 21, Lam (Luong Thu Trang) is increasingly suspicious of Dong because of a series of shady acts of this character. She called to inform Vu (Thanh Son) about Dong’s suspicious behavior, expressing concern for Uncle Hung (Ho Phong) and the company. Vu said that Dong was not a simple person, Lam had no evidence, if it came out, Mr. Hung would not believe it, and advised his lover to tell his mother (Quoc Thu Phuong). Vu also promises Lam to find out Dong’s true purpose.

Vu recalls the difficult question of his future father-in-law that made him awkward: “If Dong An’s money poured into Hung Don is dirty money, unfortunately, if you are involved, will you protect him?”.

In another development, Hoang Duc (Vinh Xuong) is preparing for the position of Chairman Phat (Mai Nguyen), first of all, approaching Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Le Binh – who has an important voice. However, Duc’s juniors are worried because Dong Binh’s recent occurrence of a series of events will cause a great disadvantage for Mr. Phat.


Provincial Party Secretary Le Binh in a meeting with provincial leaders condemned the loose management with the aim of targeting Mr. Phat.


What did Vu investigate about Dong and the future father-in-law’s business? Can Mr. Phat get to a higher position? Episode 47 details Wits broadcast on VTV1 on the evening of September 21.

Quynh An

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