Meta “forced” employees to quit

Meta “forced” employees to quit
Meta “forced” employees to quit

Those on this list will only have one month to look for a new role in other departments or leave the company.

According to Business Insider, this policy has long been applied by Facebook’s parent company. However, in the past it was only available to personnel with weak or unsuitable qualifications. To date, even high-performing workers have been included in this list.

The reduction of Meta’s personnel is to optimize resources for the company’s activities (Photo: Business Insider).

A Meta spokesman said the company would have to reallocate resources amid the first drop in revenue.

“Our plan is to steadily cut staff over the coming years. Many teams will shrink so that we can shift resources to other areas of the company,” Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement. earnings meeting in July.

Not only Meta, Google also uses similar measures. Last week, the tech company gave dozens of employees 90 days to look for a new role or leave Google.

Multiple sources say that Meta employees have had to prepare for a round of layoffs that could reduce the number of employees by up to 10% this year. In July, Meta sent a memo to managers asking them to cut employees who fell short of the company’s expectations for “work intensity”.

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