Dou Tri episode 49 Captain Vu’s cousin revealed his identity, Hieu Mobile was arrested

His cousin Vu worked as a spy for the police, becoming an important link for the police to collect evidence to arrest Hieu TN Mobile.

In episode 49 of the movie Wits On the air tonight September 23, Hieu TN Mobile (Tuan Anh) informed Tran Hoang (Tran Nhuong) that he had to get pressed goods, high prices and only 120 genuine phones. Immediately Tran Hoang (Tran Nhuong) scolded Hieu for doing business without calculation. “The goods they don’t have, try to run ads, who will make up for your losses in the future? You should remember that I am the Chairman of the Board of Directors of this company”, Mr. Hoang said. Hieu argued, saying he was just following the direction of Mr. Hoang’s nephew-in-law.

After the warehouse fire, TN Mobile found many small sources of goods from everywhere to serve the sale, one of the sources of goods supplied to TN Mobile belonging to VA company has just been arrested by the Economic Police Department at the airport. Noi Bai flight. Because of the connection between each other, the Economic Police Department sent officers to coordinate with the economic police department of Dong Binh province to work with TN Mobile and this is an important and secret information that can was probably in the plan.

Meanwhile, Tu (Viet Bac) – Vu’s cousin on the way to get smuggled goods for Hieu was accompanied by the police. Tu’s entire conversation with Hieu’s associates was heard by the police. Hieu suspected that something was wrong but did not find any evidence. Not only revealing his identity as an insider to the police, his cousin Vu will lead the way for the police to capture Hieu’s group? Will TN Mobile be able to “shoot” first this time? Episode 49 details Wits broadcast on VTV1 on the evening of September 23.


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