Viet Huong was sponsored by the ‘giants’ to eat while filming I love Vietnamese market

Phu Thien Market (Gia Lai) is the next destination of I love Vietnamese markets this week. Although there were some problems in terms of weather, the program still went well thanks to the enthusiastic support of small business people. Right at the first Egg-laying Chicken game, Viet Huong made the audience laugh with the naming of co chickens, whistle chickens, fat fried chickens, fuzzy chickens… for members of the two teams to play. A player who constantly dropped eggs made the MC wonder, “Why are you so stupid?”.

Two teams playing at Phu Thien market (Gia Lai) were shown by Viet Huong in a humorous way

The game of fighting cocks and wearing rings for ducks are also equally attractive challenges of episode 18. The two teams have the opportunity to compete with endurance races over slippery slopes, close to each other, and attack the opponent. The quick-wittedness of the players when instead of walking, they chose to crawl and drag to cross the slippery road, making the audience both excited and admired.

I love Vietnamese market is a real game show recorded at traditional markets across the country, creating opportunities for exchange and entertainment for small business people. Watch Episode 18 aired at 8 pm on September 23, 2022 on all channels Youth Online, YouTube and Newspaper Fanpage Youth and 10 am on September 24, 2022 on TikTok channel Newspaper Youth. Let’s see how enthusiastic and willing to play Gia Lai small business in the difficult challenges of the program.


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