The “evil girl” of “The Glory” changed her life thanks to the hot scene 18+

Make a strong impression with the evil female role in “Glory in hatred”

Park Yeon Jin in The Glory (Glory in hatred) is the first villain role in Lim Ji Yeon’s acting career. In the first time as a female evil on screen, the actress has an impressive performance.

The Glory officially launched to the audience on December 16 and quickly became a popular TV project on the Netflix platform. In addition to the attractive content, the role-playing cast is a significant plus point of the Korean revenge TV project.

Lim Ji Yeon in a scene from the movie “The Glory” (Photo: Netflix).

Similar to the female lead Song Hye Kyo, the female lead Lim Ji Yeon also had a successful “transformation” step through The Glory. She received a rain of compliments from the audience when playing a rich girl with intrigues, tricks and cruelty. Before that, the beauty mainly took on the identity of a strong, personality but kind or gentle character, receiving much sympathy from the audience.

In the drama, Lim Ji Yeon’s character Park Yeon Jin is a famous broadcaster, born into a wealthy family and married to a construction business owner. Her life is very fulfilling but behind the scenes, this is a cruel, promiscuous and violent woman. She is the leader of a group of students who bully and brutally torture the weak, including Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo).

In The Glory, Lim Ji Yeon haunts with her angular face, sharp eyes and perverted smiles. The more cruel she appeared, the more she showed her fear of revealing the character’s stains. The actress was praised for bringing a counterweight performance commensurate with the female lead Song Hye Kyo.

Lim Ji Yeon played a villain for the first time, but quickly impressed the audience (Photo: Netflix).

Park Yeon Jin’s sinister, cruel and scheming nuances are vividly shown on the screen by Lim Ji Yeon. The disdainful face, arrogant posture and overbearing manner of speech all create the diverse colors of Park Yeo Jin’s character, making viewers angry. This is also a plus point in the acting of the 9X star.

Besides, the hot “bed” scene between the characters Park Yeon Jin and Jeon Jae Jun (played by Park Sung Hoon) is also a highlight of the work. With the experience of an actress specializing in 18+ movie scenes, the 9X star has no difficulty in using her body in sensitive scenes.

The evil woman of The Glory changed her life thanks to the hot scene 18+ - 3

Lim Ji Yeon is praised for her diverse expressions and is the perfect counterpoint to Song Hye Kyo in “The Glory” (Photo: Naver).

The audience praised the actress, such as, “Lim Ji Yeon is the character Park Yeon Jin. Her acting is so crazy that I feel scared. I don’t remember Lim Ji’s previous works. Yeon because she plays the role so well”, “She’s very good at acting. I think all the actors in The Glory all acted great, even the villains”, “I was really surprised when I saw it The Glory. Because I always thought Lim Ji Yeon was bad at acting, but this time she surprised me”…

From unknown actress to “hot scene queen” of Korean cinema

Lim Ji Yeon, born in 1990, grew up in a poor family. However, she still tried her best to enter the Acting Department of Korea University of Arts to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

The young girl started her acting career in 2010 in plays and short films. When Lim Ji Yeon first started her career, she was rejected by many companies. The actress had to struggle for nearly 4 years before making her mark with two works labeled 18+ named Lust lust and The Kingdom of Lust.

The evil woman of The Glory changed her life thanks to the hot scene 18+ - 4

Lim Ji Yeon once impressed with the hot scenes in “Haunting Lust”, paired with Song Seung Heon (Photo: Naver).

2014 was a turning point in Lim Ji Yeon’s career when she took on the female lead role in the movie Lust lust, starring with actor Song Seung Hun. The role helped Lim Ji Yeon win the Best Newcomer Award at the Daejong Film Awards and the Korean Association of Film Critics.

In the movie Lim Ji Yeon and Song Seung Hun play a pair of wrong lovers. They fell in love with each other even though they both had families of their own. Their sweet love story leads to a series of tragedies.

Sharing with the media, Lim Ji Yeon admitted to being under pressure to act nude, but she put her trust in her co-star Song Seung Hun. According to the actress, the bed scene is the detail that helps the love story of the two characters sublimate. Those are not naked, vulgar movie scenes.

In the historical film project The Kingdom of Lust – the film is known as having many daring hot scenes in the history of cinema in the land of kimchi, Lim Ji Yeon surprised the audience with a sexy scene that left half of her chest exposed.

Famous for two projects flooded with hot scenes, Lim Ji Yeon was even called the “hot scene queen” of Korean cinema by the Korean media.

The evil woman of The Glory changed her life thanks to the hot scene 18+ - 5

Lim Ji Yeon in “Kingdom of Desire” (Photo: Naver).

Determined to break through, affirming diverse acting abilities

After making a name for herself, she decided to change herself. The beauty tries her hand at the movie Elite. This is a new step to help Lim Ji Yeon change her acting and receive the New Star Award.

Her subsequent films include The Royal Gamble, The Wind of My Life, Second Life, Tazza: One Eyed Jack… In 2022, Lim Ji Yeon was cast as Seoul in season 2 of the TV project Money Heist (Million Dollar Mission) Korean version.

Next The Glory, Lim Ji Yeon surprised the audience by playing the villain in an excellent way. Talking about her new role, she shared, “I was shocked when I first read the script. I was immersed in the thought of ‘What is this?’. This is so new that I wonder if this is really the script written by Kim. What did Eun Sook write?”.

The evil woman of The Glory changed her life thanks to the hot scene 18+ - 6

Lim Ji Yeon tries to change the image on the screen to escape the label of “hot scene queen” (Photo: News1).

“Park Yeon Jin lives in an environment that doesn’t know that hurting someone is a bad thing. She grew up in luxury without having to be jealous of anyone. Later, she got married and had a child. Pain only started when Park Yeon Jin knew Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) was her daughter’s homeroom teacher,” Ji Yeon said about her character.

In addition to being an actress, Lim Ji Yeon is also a regular model in many Korean fashion magazines thanks to her fragile and seductive appearance. The Korean “hot scene queen” confided that she was quite strict with herself when choosing the script because she wanted to build the image of a real actress.

The 9X actress is currently single. In 2018, Lim Ji Yeon was caught dating Lee Wook, the president of the non-profit organization W-Foundation. The two made their relationship public, but their love story lasted only half a year. After this love affair, she decided to keep her private life private.

Trailer introduces the movie “The Glory” (Video: Netflix).

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