“Legendary white phoenix” appeared, causing netizens to stir up

“Legendary white phoenix” appeared, causing netizens to stir up
“Legendary white phoenix” appeared, causing netizens to stir up

A few days ago, a tourist was climbing a mountain in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China when he suddenly saw a beautiful white bird very similar to everyone’s image of a phoenix fluttering in the valley. .

Afraid that no one would believe that he had actually met the “legendary white phoenix”, this tourist immediately took out his mobile phone and posted it on social media. The image immediately made netizens “fever”, racing to comment and make judgments.

In the pictures posted by the tourist mentioned above, you can see the white bird with a beautiful long tail, gliding through space with beautiful and magical wings, each flapping of its wings is free-spirited, flying posture. elegant, beautiful to the soul.

Chinese netizens stirred up before the legendary white phoenix appeared.

“It turns out this is the prototype of the phoenix”, “Is it really a white phoenix? Thought it was just a legend”, “So beautiful, I thought there was only a phoenix in myths, it turned out to be real.” , looks like a fairy”… are the enthusiastic comments of netizens.

The incident caused such a stir that scientists also participated in the answer. The wildlife expert said that the “white phoenix” in this series of photos is actually a white pheasant, a rare animal belonging to the second-level protected group in Vietnam. “List of national key protected wildlife” of China. This species usually inhabits subtropical evergreen broadleaf forests, below 2,000 meters above sea level.

The white pheasant has an elegant shape, also known as “fairy in the forest”, is a precious bird since ancient times. Poet Li Bai once wrote a five-language poem expressing his fondness for this surreal beautiful bird.

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