The bacteria that put the Thai princess in a three-week coma

The bacteria that put the Thai princess in a three-week coma
The bacteria that put the Thai princess in a three-week coma

Princess Bajrakitiyabha in an appearance with her father King Maha Vajiralongkorn in 2017 – Photo: REUTERS

According to the announcement on January 7 by the Royal Thai Royal Family, Princess Bajrakitiyabha’s condition has not improved significantly.

“The princess is still in a coma,” the Thai Royal Family confirmed in a Tuesday announcement about her health situation.

“Doctors are still providing medicine and using equipment to support heart, lung and kidney functions as well as using antibiotics while closely monitoring the princess’s condition,” the Thai Royal Family said. more.

According to the newspaper Bangkok PostThe royal doctors concluded that the Thai princess’s coma was caused by a serious arrhythmia caused by mycoplasma infection.

Mycoplasma is a group of bacteria, some of which are capable of causing disease in humans and animals, but it is not clear which species infected the Thai princess and why she became infected.

According to the previous announcement of the Thai Royal Family, Princess Bajrakitiyabha suddenly collapsed in Pak Chong district of Nakhon Ratchasima province at 6:20 pm on December 14, 2022. At that time she was training her pet dogs for a competition.

She was admitted to a local hospital for first aid under the supervision and advice of royal doctors. Helicopters were then dispatched to bring the 44-year-old princess back to Bangkok for treatment.

The princess is loved by Thai people

Princess Bajarakitiyabha graduated from law school and holds a master’s and doctorate degree from Cornell University (USA). She served as Thailand’s ambassador to Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia.

She is the eldest child of King Maha Vajiralongkorn and one of three children of this monarch to be given the official title.

As a rule, having an official title is a prerequisite for being selected as an heir to the throne.

The King of Thailand has yet to appoint an heir and there has been no formal discussion of the possibility that Princess Bajarakitiyabha will ascend to the throne. However, she is very popular with Thai people, especially women, for fighting to protect their rights regardless of their legal status.

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