Korea was shaken by the case of a girl being sexually assaulted on livestream


According to the news Koreabooon March 10, a video was posted on the YouTube channel Detective Caracula caused a wave of anger in Korean public opinion. In it, a male streamer sexually and physically assaulted a girl while the victim seemed to lose consciousness. The case is currently attracting the attention of the people of kimchi.

After 4 days of spreading a video recording the shocking scene, the girl spoke out to denounce the crimes of the men.

4 days later, on March 14, a female streamer known by the nickname “BJ Adung” spoke up and identified herself as the victim in the viral video. She also asserted that she was assaulted and taken advantage of by famous male streamers.

Adung (who has publicly revealed her real name is Roh) said that she was bullied by some male BJs (Broadcast Jockey, only those who directly broadcast on online platforms such as AfreecaTV, Twitch, YouTube… in Korea) cheat and blackmail to become a streamer filming 18+ content. And that’s why she appeared in the 13-minute video on the Youtube channel Detective Caracula.

The girl was assaulted on the livestream – Illustration.

Innocent female office worker “gets in the loop”

According to Roh, it all started in November 2021, when a man named Nam Sang Gyu became acquainted with her on social networks. At that time, Roh was doing a desk job in Gyeonggi-do Province.

The man told Roh that if she agreed to appear as a guest on a live broadcast, she could earn over 100,000 KRW (approximately 2 million VND) in just one day. As a single mother, Roh really needed a part-time job, so she quickly nodded in agreement to the deal.

But when he arrived at Nam’s studio, Roh was forced to sign the contract in a hurry without a clear explanation.

Korea was shaken by the girl's sexual assault on the livestream: The victim was an office worker, tricked into falling into the dark mud - Photo 3.

The image of Nam Sang Gyu’s name.

As it turns out, Nam is a streamer specializing in publishing adult content, using the nickname Jjangu, but because he is not knowledgeable about the streamer community, Roh does not realize what field he is engaged in. As the live stream began, Nam offered Roh a beer, which was said to have been laced with stimulants that caused her to pass out. After that, Nam sexually assaulted her live on livestream. When Roh regained consciousness, it was over.

Roh panicked and wanted to ask the police for help, but the contract was shown to the face with threats to pay a breach of contract fee, and they also threatened to distribute videos of her being assaulted on pornographic and sharing websites. Share it with her friends and family on social media.

Fearful and embarrassed, Roh gave in to Nam’s threats and went on to appear on numerous live broadcasts, all of which had to follow his direction.

Korea was shaken by the girl's sexual assault on the livestream: The victim was an office worker, tricked into a dark mud - Photo 4.

Picture name Kim Eunwoo.

Roh also shared that the second time she was assaulted on a live broadcast, the main culprit was Yoon Eun Bae (known as BJ Yoon Heo Sae and BJ Yoon Ga Ho). At that time, Nam gave Roh another address in Gangnam, asking her to come to do the next livestream. If she refused, the first video would immediately go viral on the Internet.

When I got there, Yoon had already turned on the livestream. He offers her a beer, but she refuses, and Yoon angrily threatens to release videos of her assault again. Roh gave in and she passed out again when she finished her beer. Then, she found a video of herself being assaulted by Yoon on foreign porn sites.

From here, Roh officially became an adult movie streamer, reluctantly.

Wrong more wrong

Once, then twice threatened, Roh should have asked for help from the authorities, but she chose to remain silent to follow the bad guys’ arrangement.

Nam Sung Gyu also introduced Roh to Kim Eun Woo, the CEO of an entertainment company called KN ENM. Kim convinced Roh to sign a new contract with his company and continue working as an adult streamer.

In February 2022, she was transferred to an employee accommodation facility managed by KN ENM. There, Roh suffered even more humiliation and psychological stress. In April 2022, Roh managed to escape from the “demon cave” and filed a civil complaint against the company KN ENM in May, followed by a criminal complaint in June.

After Roh denounced, Kim Eun Woo released an official statement on her Instagram account, which asserted that Roh lied and that she voluntarily participated in the live broadcasts, not the live broadcasts. forced.

He also claimed that the company gave her a lot of money to cover living expenses, plastic surgery and pocket money while she worked for them. Because of this statement, Roh was attacked by malicious comments called “miners”.

But the media got hold of the contract Roh signed, and it clearly shows that she was coerced into signing an unfair deal.

Next is the video evidence Yoon Eun Bae assaulting Roh was broadcast, posted on Detective Caracula channel. In the video, Yoon can be seen hitting Roh several times, spitting in her face, touching her breasts and sexually assaulting her while the victim was in a state of near unconsciousness. Both his words and actions throughout the video are extremely violent, and at one point he even admitted that if it weren’t for the broadcast, he would have punched Roh.

The video is still attracting public attention in Korea. Many people expressed shock and horror when witnessing such atrocities. The issue has made headlines in online forums and many people are calling on the media to cover the matter to help Roh get justice.

Currently, the number of streamer groups producing adult content in Korea is increasing, causing many people to worry.

The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) has released data showing that it has taken administrative measures against 119,665 websites containing pornographic content or posts promoting gambling, a record number record since the commission was established in 2008.

Source: Koreaboo

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