Ukrainian soldiers play football inside Bakhmut . fortress

Ukrainian soldiers play football inside Bakhmut . fortress
Ukrainian soldiers play football inside Bakhmut . fortress

(Dan Tri) – After hours of intense fighting, Ukrainian soldiers entrenched Bakhmut fortress had a rare break.

A video posted on March 17 captured two Ukrainian soldiers playing football inside a building in the city of Bakhmut, eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian entrenched forces play soccer inside Bakhmut fortress (Video: NOEL Twitter).

“The Bakhmut club is preparing for the new season,” Twitter page NOEL commented on the video above.

This is a rare moment of respite for the entrenched Bakhmut soldiers. In recent months, the strategic eastern city has become one of the hottest battlegrounds of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The Russian military, with the support of the private Wagner military company, has been organizing raids to tighten the siege on Bakhmut for weeks now.

In response, the Ukrainian military is adopting a defensive rotation tactic to deal with the enemy’s onslaught at Bakhmut. The combat groups were moved to different defensive positions in an organized manner, thereby enabling them to reorganize and replenish their forces and surprise the Russian assault units. .

Ukrainian officials insist that despite the difficulties they are facing, the country’s defense forces will not leave Bakhmut.

“After considering the operational options on the Bakhmut front, we all agreed that the Ukrainian army will continue to hold and defend this city,” the office of the President of Ukraine said in mid-May. 3.

On March 14, a pro-Russian official in eastern Ukraine confirmed that Ukraine had sent 10 well-trained tactical battalions to the Bakhmut region. This sparked speculation that the Ukrainian army was preparing for a major counterattack to break the Russian encirclement in this strategic city.

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