Every day, when I see my daughter-in-law happy with her “two-faced” son-in-law, my stomach aches


My wife and I only have 2 daughters, so we always love and create conditions for them a lot. Since they were young, their parents have invested them in their education, so they have stable jobs. Growing up, although I wanted to have both children get married, only the youngest daughter obeyed. And the eldest daughter married far away, nearly a hundred kilometers from home.

For a daughter who is getting married close to home, her husband and wife are present at her grandmother’s house every day. Even when my grandson did not go to class, my wife and I took care of him so he could go to work with peace of mind. The children are also filial, so I am very reassured about the youngest daughter.

The eldest daughter is married far away, so she rarely visits her parents. A year, husband and wife only come home a few times on holidays, Tet or summer vacation. However, every time I come back to see my wife and children happy and happy together, I am also happy.

The eldest daughter is married far away, so she rarely visits her parents. (Illustration)

Unlike the second daughter and her husband, who gave birth to 2 children smoothly within 3 years of marriage, the first daughter and her husband had problems with childbirth. For 5 years after the wedding, they never got pregnant because my daughter has polycystic ovaries. For many years, he and his wife have been running for treatment in many places, but the good news is still missing.

I love them so much, so every time my children come home to play, I give them 10 million at 30 million to give them medicine for treatment or nourishment. But never once did the children accept it because they said they could take care of themselves. Because two children have stable jobs, good wages. Moreover, although the wife was infertile, the son-in-law never blamed his wife for this. Even the son-in-law also said that the children’s fate is God’s gift, it is good to have, but if not, the couple will live happily together until old age.

But after 5 years of infertility, one day the daughter was also happy to cry on the phone to announce that she was pregnant naturally. During the whole pregnancy, the child was taken care of by her husband very carefully. Every day I am happy to show off my husband cooking delicious dishes, buying snacks, taking me to a pregnancy test, reminding me to go back and forth… Seeing my child so happy and being loved by my husband makes me so happy.

Once, the elderly people’s association in my ward organized a sightseeing tour near my son-in-law’s house. I also took this opportunity to go but did not tell my two children in advance, intending to go, I will come back to my son’s house for 2 months before returning. Anyway, my daughter is pregnant in the last month of pregnancy, I will stay here until she gives birth and take care of the last month of pregnancy.

However, that day, when I went out all day to return to the hotel to rest with 3 friends, I met my son-in-law who was walking next to the young girl to check out at the reception. I was dumbfounded to recognize my son-in-law, but my son-in-law also frantically recognized his mother-in-law. After that, my son-in-law pulled me aside and begged my mother not to tell his wife about this. His wife knows it’s insurmountable when she’s pregnant.

Although I was angry at my son-in-law and loved my daughter for being deceived by her husband, I had to keep quiet. That day, the son-in-law came back and still bought a lot of seafood for his wife to eat and supplement, taking care of his wife little by little. Seeing my daughter in the last month of pregnancy smiling brightly at her husband’s side made my stomach hurt.

Seeing my daughter in the last month of pregnancy smiling brightly at her husband’s side made my stomach hurt. (Illustration)

For a week now, I have been at my son-in-law’s house to take care of my daughter, but I dare not say a word. My son thought his marriage was happy, now knowing that his husband has another woman outside, how can he live? After so many years of wanting to have children, now that my son is about to be born, my husband has betrayed me, so how can my children bear this?

These days, I keep looking at my two-faced son-in-law playing the role of a good husband with his wife, but it hurts my heart. Many times I wanted to tell my daughter, but had to hold back. Because my baby will be born in a few days, now I have prolapsed lower abdomen and urinated more often. The due date is almost here.

How long does it take to give birth to a pregnant belly?

How long will the belly drop before giving birth is a classic question of first-time pregnant mothers. Everyone knows that a low belly is about to give birth, but they do not know when to go to the hospital.

The sign of the baby is inverted, also known as the abdomen, when the baby drops down to the safe zone of the pelvis, ready for labor.

Unlike many mothers who worry, a tummy tuck is really a good sign that tells the mother to be mentally ready for the upcoming labor. It takes a few weeks or a few days for the baby to move down to the mother’s pelvis, depending on the baby’s speed. Once you know for sure that you have lost your belly, you can adjust your diet and exercise to make vaginal delivery easier.

Every day when I see my daughter-in-law happy with her
Every day when I see my daughter-in-law happy with her
At the moment of death, the mother-in-law pulled her son-in-law's hand for 50,000 to put under the pillow, 1 year later I was rich and broke the wall

It is true that people say, just open your heart to love others and others will love you back. A person with a virtuous mind always has a happy ending.

Confessions of pregnant women

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