Russian AI-integrated S-350 Vityaz air defense system shot down a Ukrainian plane


Self-selecting interception algorithm

Russia’s S-350 Vityaz air defense missile system shot down a Ukrainian plane in a special combat zone in a fully automatic mode without the participation of the operator. According to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, this is the first time in the world that this mode of operation has been tested in real combat conditions.

“Vityaz is the world’s first air defense system that operates automatically in real combat conditions without the involvement of the operator. The system is capable of, detecting, tracking and destroying Ukrainian air targets. Missiles from Vityaz shot down a number of Ukrainian warplanes and drones,” RIA Novosti spokesman said.

S-350 becomes the first missile defense system in the world to shoot down an enemy fighter in “automatic” mode

An unnamed source explained that the automatic mode of the system is implemented based on “the principle that humans do not interfere in the decisions made by the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) of the complex in a combat situation.” , so it is free to choose the algorithm to deal with the attacking threat.

In addition, Vityaz has the option of operating in active and passive radar modes simultaneously – a method that fundamentally enhances the anti-interference performance of the complex and the ability to detect and classify targets.

In August 2022, visual evidence appeared on social media that the S-350 Vityaz air defense system was deployed at an airbase less than 40 miles from the border with Ukraine just days after Ukraine. began attacking Russian military facilities in Crimea.

In “automatic” mode, the system’s built-in AI has full control over the algorithm to intercept threats in the sky.

Military analysts say the components of the S-350 include a 50N6A fire control radar, a 96L6-TsP information acquisition radar, as well as two missile launchers, possibly launchers– 50P6 (TEL) transport and similar 50P6T launcher/loader.

At the time, military observers noted that the video was most likely shot at Taganrog Air Base, near the port city of the same name in Rostov Province on the Sea of ​​Azov. Some online reports hint that the S-350 has been extensively involved in the so-called ‘Special Military Operations’ area.

“Crushing” types of cruise missiles

The S-350 Vityaz is a mobile multi-channel air defense missile system developed by Almaz-Antey for the air defense missile force of the Russian Aerospace Forces. It is designed to protect state, administrative, industrial and military facilities as well as military forces from attacks with modern and advanced air weapons.

The project to develop this system began in the early 1990s, first tested in 2013 and began to be transferred to the Russian military in December 2019.

S-350 Vityaz has the same function as the Patriot (pictured) but has been improved in terms of interceptor missile speed and ability to destroy low-range targets

According to some sources, the S-350 Vityaz can intercept ballistic targets within 25km and aerodynamic targets in the air, such as aircraft, drones, cruise missiles and devices. other, at a maximum range of 120 to 150km. The Vityaz missile can travel at a maximum speed of 2 km/s.

Earlier, in February, a representative of the design department of the Almaz-Antey Air Defense Corporation stated that the S-350 Vityaz can be integrated into foreign air defense systems. The manufacturer also emphasizes the comprehensiveness of the complex, increased firepower, a higher ammunition capacity for anti-aircraft guided missiles (four times that of the S-400) as well as the ability to survive in combat. school

Not only that, Russian military experts call Vityaz the “killer” of Tomahawk (USA) and Storm Shadow (European) missiles. They also propose to create a comprehensive defense “umbrella” for Russia by connecting the Prometheus, Pantsir missile defense systems and others into a unified network.

Compared with the US-made Patriot missile system, analysts say that the S-350 Vityaz is equivalent in functional characteristics, but the Russian missile has a faster flight speed and is capable of destroying low-flying targets. .

“Patriot cannot shoot down targets flying at an altitude of less than 100 meters, while Vityaz’s ‘prey’ is what flies above 10 meters,” said Alexander Mikhailov, a Russian military expert.

(According to EurAsian Times)

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