Messi secretly meets Busquets, Jordi Alba and Sergi Roberto in Paris


“This meeting also included Pepe Costa, who is considered to be Messi’s close assistant. All the players are accompanied by their wives. The meeting is guaranteed to have no photos taken and published, The time took place almost a week ago,” said RMC channel and based on a source from the newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

Messi has recently been involved in secret actions that may be related to where to play in the new season

It is still unclear what the meeting between Messi and Busquets, with Jordi Alba and Sergi Roberto, was for the reason. Not long ago, the Argentine player also had a meeting with these close friends in Barcelona during a short break. At that time, the Spanish press predicted that the meeting could discuss the Argentine superstar’s return to Barcelona club in the upcoming summer transfer window.

However, nearly a month since that meeting, Busquets and Jordi Alba respectively announced their decision to leave Barcelona after many years of attachment. “This also leaves open the door whether Messi will return to Barcelona or not when his former teammates are gone,” said RMC channel.

“However, Messi is also currently accepting a very generous offer from the Al-Hilal club in Saudi Arabia with a salary of up to 350 million euros / season. The recent meeting between Messi, Busquets, Jordi Alba and Sergi Roberto In Paris, there may also be a possibility of going to Saudi Arabia, in which, Busquets and Jordi Alba are about to become free agents, they will consider the possibility of going to Saudi Arabia to play. Messi’s manager, which Pepe Costa is running, has been constantly talking about events in Saudi Arabia recently,” said RMC channel.

Messi still trains normally with PSG to prepare for the final matches of the season

Messi (who is about to expire on June 30) is waiting to finish the season with PSG with 2 remaining matches in Ligue 1 against Strasbourg (away this weekend) and Clermont (in the morning of 4.6, at home) to towards the championship, before announcing the official decision where to play in the new season.

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