The girl hid a poisonous snake from her family and died from a snake bite


“Mom, I was bitten by a snake, help me”

At around 6:00 pm on July 9, 2018, Mrs. Te suddenly received a call from her daughter Ky Ky and immediately took her to the hospital.

Mrs. Te grabbed the doctor’s hand and begged: “Doctor, please save my daughter.”

The doctor said not to worry. When he examined Ky Ky’s wound, he saw only two small red spots, no bruises or swelling, he wondered: “What’s the point of going to the hospital with such a small wound?”.

“The child was bitten by a snake.” Mrs. Te’s words made the doctor immediately change his attitude. He quickly asked Ky Ky: “Where do you go to get bitten by a snake? What does the snake look like? What are its outstanding features? What is the shape of the snake’s head? How big is the snake?”

But the girl only replied: “Bitten in the park.” She then continued to say: “I don’t know, I don’t know anything.”

The situation was so urgent that the doctor had no choice but to inject Ky Ky with local snake serum and disinfect it.

As this local area is free of venomous snakes, no special treatment is required. However, Ky Ky’s wound was clearly different from the wound caused by a local snake bite, so the doctor was on duty to monitor him.

Mrs. Qi thought that everything was fine and her daughter might be going home soon. But just over half an hour later, Ky Ky began foaming at the mouth and her pupils dilated. The doctor saw this and quickly pushed her to the emergency room.

Ky Ky’s life was saved but she was still in a coma. The doctor said he had to find out what kind of snake bit Ky Ky so he could find the right serum to save the girl’s life.

But Mrs. Te did not know what kind of poisonous snake Ky Ky was bitten by. During the confusion, Ky Ky’s cousin rushed to the hospital.

“Ky Ky was bitten by the northern garter snake that she raised.” This statement surprised everyone present, especially Mrs. Te.

You must know that the northern krait has extremely poisonous venom and the local area is not suitable as an ideal habitat for this snake. So where did Ky Ky’s northern garter snake come from? Everyone was suspicious of their cousin’s words.

The truth about the poisonous snake

Ky Ky was urgently transferred to Shaanxi provincial hospital. Unfortunately, the provincial hospital did not have northern garter snake serum. Finally, a hospital in Shanghai has spare northern garter snake serum.

Two experts specializing in treating northern garter snake bites flew to the hospital with serum to treat Ky Ky.

Daughter died suddenly due to being bitten by a poisonous snake. The mother checked her phone to find out the truth about the

But because the most effective treatment time for northern garter snake bites is within 1 hour after being bitten by the snake. Therefore, although the doctors tried their best, unfortunately, Ky Ky died at the hospital in the early morning of July 15.

Faced with their daughter’s cold body, Ky Ky’s parents could not understand: Why did their good daughter raise an extremely poisonous snake?

Her cousin recalled that Ky Ky once took a photo of a northern garter snake and sent it to her and said: “This snake is very noble and majestic. I want to buy one to raise.”

Sure enough, there was irrefutable evidence in Ky Ky’s cell phone.

Daughter died suddenly due to being bitten by a poisonous snake. The mother checked her phone to find out the truth about the

Ky Ky

From Ky Ky’s shopping app, Mrs. Te discovered her daughter’s snake purchase order history, and even found a conversation between her and the seller, which proves that cousin Ky Ky was not lying. .

It turns out that Ky Ky normally doesn’t like to go out or hang out with friends. Her biggest hobby is raising pets at home, but she doesn’t like cats and dogs, but prefers to raise cold-blooded animals.

Because the northern krait is a nationally protected animal in China, trade is prohibited. After much research, Ky Ky finally found a seller of northern garter snakes online.

“Northern kraits are very poisonous, they can only be soaked in wine, they cannot be kept as pets. If you receive the snake, you must take it and soak it in wine immediately.”. This is the contract text message between the seller and Ky Ky, the girl immediately agreed.

Daughter died suddenly due to being bitten by a poisonous snake. The mother checked her phone to find out the truth about the

Soon, the northern garter snake was sent to Ky Ky. She liked it very much and took many photos, then even sent one to show off to her cousin.

After receiving the photo, her cousin rushed to meet Ky Ky and persuaded her to return the snake or throw it away, otherwise she would tell her parents. Having no other choice, Ky Ky promised her cousin to keep the snake for three more days and then let it go.

After her cousin left, Ky Ky struggled mentally and finally decided to release the animal so her family wouldn’t have to worry.

She opened the cage and carefully reached out to catch the northern garter snake. Sensing danger, the snake suddenly raised its head, bit her hand and slithered out of the cage.

In the end, Ky Ky had to pay with his life. The northern garter snake was found dead next to a trash can near where Ky Ky lived.

Daughter died suddenly due to being bitten by a poisonous snake. The mother checked her phone to find out the truth about the

Ky Ky and mother

Ky Ky’s parents are very sad, they want the seller, the sales platform and the courier company involved in this poisonous snake to be held responsible accordingly.

They posted Ky Ky’s story online, and sued the seller, the application platform, and the courier company in court, demanding compensation for various losses totaling 1.4 million yuan (more than 4 .6 billion VND). Finally, the court ruled that the three parties must compensate Ms. Te more than 700,000 yuan (more than 2.3 billion VND).

What Mrs. Te and her husband did not expect was that netizens did not feel sorry for Ky Ky’s death, but instead, they thought that the girl was not only irresponsible with her life but also irresponsible with other people’s lives when they bring home extremely poisonous animals without any nurturing skills.

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