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Mr. Trump is not worried about going to jail

Mr. Trump is not worried about going to jail
Mr. Trump is not worried about going to jail

Former President Trump declared that he “did not think anything” about the risk of going to jail and still slept soundly because he believed “we will win in the end”.

“Many people have come to ask me about it, but I don’t even think about it,” former US President Donald Trump replied on September 17 when radio journalist Kristen Welker NBC News asked him if he was worried about the risk of going to jail.

Trump said that he is “not like other people” when faced with such problems, even though he has been indicted in four cases and could spend decades in prison if found guilty.

A moment later, Mr. Trump returned to this issue. “You asked me if I had insomnia,” he said. “I still sleep well, because I really feel that we will win in the end.”

He took responsibility for the decision to launch an effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. “It was my choice and decision, even if I listened to some people,” he said.

Former US President Donald Trump in an interview on September 17 with female journalist Kristen Welker. Image: NBC News

Trump explained that he did not follow the advice of senior officials in his administration and campaign lawyers about accepting that he had lost the election, because “I don’t respect their legal profession.”

When Welker said Trump himself hired those lawyers, the former president described them as RINOs, an acronym for “Republicans in Name Only.” “It turns out they’re not that good and I don’t respect them. I only respect people who say the election was rigged,” he explained.

“So do you admit you lost?”, Welker asked again.

“I don’t admit that. I won the election,” the former president replied.

Mr. Trump was indicted in Georgia on charges that he and his allies tried to overturn the election results. On August 24, he reported to prison in Atlanta, took photos for records and paid a $200,000 bail.

The former US president declared innocent of the indictment in this case. Responding to a question about the “vote-finding” call with Georgia Secretary General Brad Raffensperger in 2021, Mr. Trump said “no regrets”.

In another prosecution, Trump is accused of storing classified documents and concealing them from the federal government. Prosecutors say he tried to delete video from security cameras to prevent the FBI and grand jury from accessing it.

“I never ordered anyone to delete videos from security cameras at the Mar-a-Lago mansion. I will testify to this in court. The videos were not deleted,” he said in the interview. The former president is scheduled to stand trial in Florida in May 2024.

Duc Trung (According to NBC News)

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