Female passenger suddenly went into labor on the plane, the entire crew became ‘midwives’


Airplane footage shot earlier this month shows a medical worker walking briskly, holding a newborn baby at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey.

This rare incident occurred when the Pegasus Airlines plane was making final preparations to take off for the flight to Marseille in France.

The video shows medical staff rushing onto the plane to help the expectant mother, along with excited passengers craning their necks to see what’s going on and chatting excitedly.

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A passenger can be seen gathering small items of clothing and heading to the area where the mother gave birth, while a flight attendant is seen making her way out of the crowded area.

Moments later, a female paramedic was seen carrying the baby – now wrapped in a blue cloth – to the front of the plane. The baby doesn’t seem to make any noise.

According to local reports, the passengers’ labor pains began to increase as the crew had to provide initial first aid.

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She was taken to another area of ​​the plane, where doctors helped her give birth. The premature baby was then taken by ambulance to the hospital for further care.

Passengers going into labor on the runway like the above case is extremely rare, but in reality, flight crews sometimes have to handle mid-air births.

In 2019, a woman gave birth to a baby boy during a three-hour flight from Puerto Rico’s San Juan to Florida’s Fort Lauderdale.

The airline said in a later statement, according to NBC Miami, that JetBlue flight 1954 was assisted on the ground by medical personnel.

In 2017, a baby boy was given free airline tickets for life after his mother gave birth on a flight from Saudi Arabia to India. Jose Cicymol went into labor on Jet Airways flight 9W 569 from King Fahd airport, near Dammam, which took off for Kochi at around 2.55am.

At 8 a.m., the flight declared a medical emergency after Ms. Cicymol, who was 30 weeks pregnant, went into premature labor.

The plane was diverted to Mumbai but the crew quickly realized they wouldn’t make it and called for a doctor.

The Times of India reported that passenger and nurse Mini Wilson offered help and the boy was born at 8:45 a.m. at an altitude of more than 9,000 meters.

Medical assistance company MedAire reports that for every 26 million passengers, there is one birth on an airplane.

Dr Paulo Alves, the company’s global medical director, told Condé Nast: ‘Births on planes are very, very rare and when you look at the circumstances they are unexpected – these are babies. premature birth.

He added that giving birth in mid-air has many difficulties and challenges.

‘This is not a good space for you to give birth for many reasons. First, the air is thinner so it is more difficult for children to breathe. It was like giving birth prematurely in Mexico City, in terms of altitude.”

On top of that, the likelihood of having a specialist available to assist with a birth is extremely low, meaning complex procedures like cesarean sections are nearly impossible to perform, even if they are necessary for safety. of mother and baby.

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