Houthi seized ship “linked to Israel”, risk of conflict escalating

Houthi seized ship “linked to Israel”, risk of conflict escalating
Houthi seized ship “linked to Israel”, risk of conflict escalating

(Dan Tri) – Houthi forces in Yemen seized an “Israeli-linked” cargo ship in the Red Sea and held 25 crew members hostage, raising concerns about the risk of increased tensions. straight in the area.

Cargo ship Galaxy Leader was captured off the coast of Yemen (Photo: Reuters).

According to sources, over the weekend members of the Houthi group used a helicopter to land on the Galaxy Leader cargo ship, quickly took control of the vehicle and took hostages. The ship was detained off the coast of Al Hodeida, Yemen while bound for India.

In a statement on social network attack in Gaza.

According to this group, they captured the Galaxy Leader ship because of its connection to Israel and will continue to seize other ships related to or owned by Tel Aviv, even in international waters, until the Israeli conflict. – Hamas ends.

“All ships belonging to Israel or related to Israel will become legitimate targets,” the Houthi statement stated.

Previously on November 20, Houthi also published a video about this incident on Al Masirah channel, which showed a helicopter carrying members of this force approaching the Galaxy Leader cargo ship from behind. After the helicopter landed on the Galaxy Leader, Houthi members went to the cockpit and controlled the crew there.

The video also shows Houthi members moving into areas inside the ship, with a gunman shouting the force’s slogans on the radio. Video images also showed a number of Houthi speedboats escorting cargo ships to the port in Yemen afterward.

The Galaxy Leader is registered under the name of a British company, operated by Japan’s Nippon Yusen Shipping Company and flying the Bahamas flag.

Meanwhile, brokers in the Middle East determined that this ship is owned by Ray Car Carriers company. The company is registered in the Isle of Man and one of its owners is Israeli businessman Abraham “Rami” Ungar, one of the richest people in the country.

In a statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Office strongly condemned the attack, adding that no Israeli citizens among the 25 crew members were arrested.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office even described the ship capture as “an attack on international cargo ships carried out by Iran”.

However, Iran later denied this. “We have repeatedly stated that resistance groups in the region represent their countries, make decisions and act based on their national interests,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani said in a statement. .

The ship’s operator in Japan, NYK Line, said the ship was not carrying cargo at the time of the attack. According to NYK Line, the crew members are citizens of the Philippines, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Mexico. Japan on November 20 condemned the Houthi arrest.

Since the outbreak of the Gaza conflict, the Houthis have spoken out in support of the Palestinians and organized protests in Yemen against the Israeli offensive in Gaza. The Houthis claim the group is part of an “axis of resistance” targeting Israel.

The fact that this group has carried out raids on Israel, along with this latest ship seizure, has increased concerns about the risk of widespread conflict in the Middle East. This development also directed international attention to the armed rebel group with its power headquarters in the capital Sanaa.

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