Argentina reversed its intention, China spoke up

Argentina reversed its intention, China spoke up
Argentina reversed its intention, China spoke up

“Argentina has no plans to become a BRICS member on January 1, 2024” – Ms. Diana Mondino, senior economic advisor to newly elected President Javier Milei, told the media on November 20.

Argentina, along with Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), received an invitation to join BRICS in August. The group of emerging economies currently includes Brazil, Russia, and India. India, China and South Africa.

“I don’t know why there is so much interest in BRICS,” Ms. Mondino said, adding that it is unclear what benefits joining BRICS will bring to Argentina.

RT said Ms. Mondino, a bright candidate for the position of Argentina’s new Foreign Minister, also emphasized that Mr. Milei’s new government would “carefully analyze” to consider whether joining BRICS would bring benefits or not. Are not.

Mr. Javier Milei was elected president of Argentina after the second round of voting on November 19. Photo: Reuters

Mr. Mileim became Argentina’s president-elect after defeating incumbent Economy Minister Sergio Massa in the second round of voting on November 19.

Argentina’s newly elected president also does not support the country joining BRICS. “Not interested” in developing economic relations with China and Brazil, but Mr. Mileim is said to aim to resume economic relations with the US and Israel. He also vowed to “dollarize” the Argentine economy.

Mr. Mileim also pledged not to interfere in transactions between Argentine businesses and BRICS countries.

Previously in August, outgoing Argentine President Alberto Fernandez commented that Argentina being invited to join BRICS was an opportunity to “turn a new page” for the country.

The South American country is struggling with its worst economic crisis in decades. Inflation has increased 60% in the past year alone in Argentina.

At a press conference on November 20, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ninh reaffirmed his support for new countries joining BRICS. Stating that she did not know about Ms. Mondino’s statement, Ms. Mao said: “The BRICS cooperation mechanism is an important foundation for emerging markets and developing countries to strengthen solidarity and cooperation.” on the basis of common interests”.


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