Hezbollah fired ‘volcanic’ rockets, causing heavy damage to an Israeli military base

Hezbollah fired ‘volcanic’ rockets, causing heavy damage to an Israeli military base
Hezbollah fired ‘volcanic’ rockets, causing heavy damage to an Israeli military base

Smoke rose from an Israeli military base near the Lebanese border, after the base was hit by a Hezbollah missile on November 20 – Photo: AFP

According to AFP News Agency, only on November 20 (local time), the Islamic armed force Hezbollah announced three successful attacks on Israeli soldiers.

The first attack was conducted with a “Burkan (volcanic) rocket” on a number of military bases and garrisons of Israeli soldiers in the north of the country.

Many images posted on social networks show that the Biranit military base, only 1km from the Israel-Lebanon border, suffered heavy damage from the above rockets, according to the newspaper. Times of Israel.

This base is the headquarters of the 91st Division of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), with many other barracks and military facilities.

Biranit military base suffered heavy damage – Video: TIMES OF ISRAEL

Rocket Burkan (meaning “volcano” in Arabic) has previously been used by Hezbollah and the Syrian government to attack Syrian rebels. This is one of several types of heavy rockets in Hezbollah’s arsenal.

This type of rocket has a maximum range of 5km, carries a warhead containing explosives weighing from 400kg to 500kg, so it can cause a lot of damage to the target.

Afterwards, Hezbollah confirmed that it launched an attack on Israeli troops in the city of Kiryat Shmona “with three drones”.

Finally, this force announced that it had shelled Israeli troops. Both of the latter attacks were “direct hits”, according to Hezbollah.

In response to the above statements, the IDF admitted that “three drones were detected in a location close to” a military post but did not specify the location. The Israeli army confirmed “no casualties were recorded”.

In a separate report, the IDF said “25 weapons launched from Lebanon to many positions close to the border were detected”. Israel’s air defense system “intercepted some and the rest fell in open areas”.

In addition, this force also revealed that “many tanks, a fighter and a helicopter hit Hezbollah’s infrastructure in Lebanon” in retaliation for the above attacks.

At the same time, Israeli soldiers also used anti-tank missiles to destroy Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah is a political and armed organization with great influence in Lebanese politics. This is one of Israel’s enemies in the Middle East, and one of the battle fronts between Israel and Muslim organizations today.

This organization has close ties with the Islamist movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In fact, Hezbollah fought with Israel in the border area after Hamas and Israel went into war from October 7, to “show solidarity with the Palestinian people”.

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