Iran launched the advanced drone Shahed-238


TPO – After announcing the Fattah-2 hypersonic missile, which is said to use rare technology in the world, Iran recently continued to launch a new variant of the advanced drone Shahed, codenamed Shahed-238.

Iran Ashura Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology presented a modification based on the Shahed-136 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The new UAV was named Shahed-238 by Iranian researchers, and said this aircraft has three versions with different navigation systems.

Three versions of the Shahed-238 unmanned attack aircraft.

According to the information provided, in addition to being equipped with an automatic inertial navigation system and GPS navigation system like the predecessor version, the new versions are also equipped with infrared, optical and navigation systems. radar. radar.

In particular, the version has an infrared and optical guidance system that can be used to attack targets with thermal contrast, especially important military equipment deep inside the enemy.

The radar-equipped version can become an anti-radar missile guided by the radiation of search radar stations. Such a device is highly appreciated in disabling and penetrating air defense systems.

Up to now, Iran has not provided much detailed technical information about Shahed-238. However, experts note that the new drone has had some structural changes compared to the recently displayed prototype, in which the optical sensor is mounted on the lower nose of the fuselage.

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