China warns Argentina of ‘serious mistakes’


Beijing said Buenos Aires would make a “serious mistake” if Argentina’s new government cut ties with major countries such as China and Brazil.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ninh said at a press conference on November 21 that China is an important trading partner of Argentina and the government of this country attaches great importance to its relationship with Beijing.

Ms. Mao’s comments were made in the context that Mr. Javier Milei, who was elected President of Argentina on November 19, criticized China and Brazil, said that his government would not engage with Beijing and expressed support for China. support a stronger relationship with the US.

“That model of relations will have to end, we will not go back to the way it was before,” Milei said after the election results were announced, referring to relations with China.

However, Mrs. Mao warned that Argentina cutting ties with major countries such as China and Brazil would be a “serious mistake in foreign policy”.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning at a press conference in Beijing in 2022. Photo: AFP

Mr. Milei, a right-wing politician, was elected president of Argentina with nearly 56% of the votes. He opposes Argentina joining BRICS and does not support economic relations with China and Brazil. The US and Israel are the first two countries Mr. Milei plans to visit after taking office.

Diana Mondino, the economist expected to become foreign minister under the Milei government, also said that Argentina would not join the BRICS group. Argentina is among six countries invited to become new members of BRICS, a bloc that includes Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa.

Ms. Mondino announced that she would “stop interacting” with China and Brazil, when asked whether Argentina would encourage imports and exports with those two countries.

When asked by a reporter to comment on Ms. Mondino’s remarks, Ms. Mao said that “the two sides have strong economic complementarities and great cooperation potential.”

“China is willing to continue to cooperate with Argentina to promote stability and long-term development in bilateral relations,” a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said. “The BRICS cooperation mechanism is an important foundation for emerging markets and developing countries to strengthen solidarity, cooperation and maintain common interests.”

Argentinian President-elect Javier Milei spoke to supporters in Buenos Aires on November 19. Image: AFP

Argentina’s president-elect pledged to implement “economic shock therapy”, such as closing the central bank, dollarizing the economy, cutting spending, and strong economic reforms. He will face many big challenges, in the context of empty government and central bank budgets, and inflation in Argentina at nearly 150%.

Huyen Le (According to Reuters, Timeslive)

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