Video of Hezbollah missile attack on Israeli base


According to Arab News, on November 20, Hezbollah released a video recording the scene of its forces launching two Burkan missiles toward the Branit military base of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), causing damage to the base. severe harm.

“The purpose of the raid is to support the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. We support their resistance efforts,” a Hezbollah representative announced.

The Israeli side later confirmed information about the raid, and said that Hezbollah launched a total of 25 missiles, artillery shells and UAVs into areas near the Israel-Lebanon border.

“There were no casualties in the raid, but a fire broke out at the Branit base. We deployed fighters, helicopters and tanks to strike back at many Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon,” the IDF statement said.

Burkan is a short-range ballistic missile, developed based on Iran’s Qiam missile. This missile has a range of about 10km, carrying an explosive warhead weighing 500kg. Hezbollah used this missile for the first time in early November, when it raided Israeli outposts near the village of Al-Dahira.

Video of the Israeli army blowing up a Hezbollah missile warehouse

The Israeli army raided a Hezbollah missile warehouse in Lebanon.

Video of Hezbollah rockets exploding Israeli armored vehicles

Members of Hezbollah used Kornet anti-tank missiles to blow up an Israeli army M113 armored vehicle.

Hezbollah leader 'points out Israel's biggest mistake'

Hezbollah leader ‘points out Israel’s biggest mistake’

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned that an attack on Lebanon would be the ‘biggest mistake’ in Israel’s history.

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