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Mr. Liu Deshuan (92 years old, Hunan, China) has 6 successful sons. Everyone thought that he would live happily in his final years. But in reality, things are not like that. His children all live in surrounding villas. And he was left alone, living in an old house that was severely damaged. So why did this sad story happen?

The house of Mr. Luu Duc Thuan

6 children cannot take care of their father

According to the sixth son, Luu Vien Dat, he once intended to renovate the house for his father. However, when they brought construction materials to repair the house, they had only one way to enter, which was through the house of the eldest son and the third son. Due to the brothers’ poor relationship, these two people blocked the road and caused difficulties. Because of this, the repair of Mr. Liu’s dilapidated house was delayed.

When the village chief took the old man to each son’s house to ask about elderly care, things got even worse. At first, the eldest son did not want to reveal this to outsiders. However, after the village chief asked, the wife told the reason.

As the eldest son, he and his wife knew that they needed to proactively take care of their parents. However, since her mother-in-law passed away 11 years ago, her eldest daughter-in-law has encountered a lot of judgment. This incident made her not want to take care of her father-in-law.

According to this woman’s recollection, because her eldest daughter-in-law took care of her, before she passed away, the old woman gave her a gold ring. However, other daughters-in-law said that she and her husband stole from their mother. Because of those bad words, her family did not want to have anything to do with her father to avoid similar incidents.

The house of the eldest son

Compared to the eldest son, the second son – Luu Phong Dat’s family is not as well-off. Sharing more, he revealed that among the 6 brothers, he and the 4th son were in relatively difficult circumstances, but his father only favored Luu Thien Dat – the 3rd son. Mr. Luu once announced that he would leave all his assets to the son I love the most.

At the same time, Luu Phong Dat said that when building the house, his father never came to help. Meanwhile, the other brothers are supported both financially and physically by their father.

So, over time, with his father’s favoritism towards the other brothers, this middle son no longer wanted to be close to his father.

When the village chief asked about his fourth son, he confirmed that Mr. Luu treated his third son favorably. During the 20 years Luu Thien Dat worked far away, the old man also devoted himself to taking care of his house. he.

“The villagers all know this. Luu Thien Dat also promised to take care of his father until he passed away. But after retiring, Luu Thien Dat returned home to build a villa, but chased his father away, leaving him to live in the dilapidated house next door,” said the fourth son.

92-year-old father lives in a dilapidated house but his 5 sons live in surrounding villas: As parents, please do not be biased - Photo 3.

Mr. Luu Duc Thuan is 92 years old

Faced with those rumors, the third son denied that his father devoted all his assets to him. He believes that his father has lived in his house for more than 20 years. Now the old man should live in the house of the six brothers in turn.

After that, the village chief tried to contact Mr. Liu’s fifth child. This person said he lives in the city. He said that he had previously brought his father to live with him. However, the old man did not like the bustling life here, so he asked to return home after only a few days.

The cost of parental favoritism towards children

With these troubles, the story of Mr. Luu Duc Thuan’s family became the topic of discussion among all the villagers. Village officials had to advise the old man’s six children not to let their father live like that. In addition, they themselves were considered unfilial by the people in the village. “Once you wear the hat of filial piety, no matter how rich you are, people will still look down on you,” he said.

After hearing this suggestion, Mr. Luu’s six children decided to contribute money to repair their father’s house. They also talk to end conflicts and disputes with each other.

When posted on Chinese social networks, the story made many people feel sad. Most people believe that the children’s conflicts and lack of responsibility towards their father is due to the father’s unfair treatment of the six children. Therefore, in any case, especially when you get older, you should not show favoritism in words or actions towards any child.

You have to think about your children’s future, as well as consider the relationship between them for the rest of their lives.

In the long run, if parents show too much favor and favor one child, the family relationship will become a tragedy. Whether present or future, siblings in the family will always compare and be jealous of the “favors” their parents have given each other. In the end, these conflicts will lead to friction and rifts in family relationships, and many people will even abandon each other and never speak again.

As a parent, as a more mature person, you need to consider carefully before acting, think before speaking, and make sure not to negatively affect family members. If you are aware of the negative consequences it can bring, it is best not to say biased words towards anyone.

In raising children, parents need to be fair, treat their children with all common sense, instead of “respecting one side, disdaining the other”. Children living in a loving environment will definitely have the opportunity to develop comprehensively. The relationship between parents and children and between siblings is also maintained well.

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