The President of Ukraine admitted that Russia is not isolated

The President of Ukraine admitted that Russia is not isolated
The President of Ukraine admitted that Russia is not isolated

Ukrainian President Zelensky spoke at a press conference in Brussels on October 11. Photo: AFP

In an interview with The Sun newspaper (UK), President Zelensky said he believes that Russia will promote its military campaign in Ukraine until the US and China jointly call on the country to withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory once and for all. seriously. At the same time, he said that Kiev is in the heart of the risk of World War III breaking out.

According to the Ukrainian leader, Russia does not feel afraid because so far, the country has avoided a backlash from the whole world.

While most Western countries – including the US – have condemned the special military campaign and imposed unprecedented sanctions on Russia, many countries of the Global South have maintained a neutral stance. and maintain intact relations with Moscow.

Last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasized that the West had failed to turn Russia into an internationally isolated country. He said that instead of being shunned by the international community, Moscow still participates in many important global summits and events – such as the G20 Summit and BRICS, without any restrictions.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zelensky has tried to calm Western expectations, admitting that Ukraine is facing many challenges and that Kiev needs more achievements on the battlefield.

“This is not a movie, there cannot be magic every day,” Mr. Zelensky said.

Mr. Zelensky’s comments came in the context of Kiev’s counterattack against Moscow falling into a deadlock. This counter-offensive campaign has been underway since early summer but has not achieved any significant progress.

In the interview, the Ukrainian President also emphasized that Kiev would never accept any agreement recognizing Crimea and the country’s four regions that voted to annex Russia last fall. “Kiev is not ready for such a peace plan,” he explained. Peace negotiations will only take place when the Russian side ends the conflict.”

Meanwhile, earlier this month, NBC reported that Western officials were negotiating with Kiev about whether the country could consider some concessions to Russia to end the conflict. Officials fear that Ukraine is gradually running out of resources. On November 20, Mr. Aleksey Danilov, head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, said that Kiev is concerned about discussions between some partners about the possibility of a ceasefire, and emphasized that the country has intend to fight to the end.

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