Russia declared ‘no relationship’ with the Zelensky government

Russia declared ‘no relationship’ with the Zelensky government
Russia declared ‘no relationship’ with the Zelensky government

The Russian Ambassador declared that the country cannot coexist with the current government in Kiev and will achieve its goals in the campaign to attack Ukraine.

Rodion Miroshnik, ambassador-at-large of the Russian Foreign Ministry on the so-called “crimes of the Kiev regime”, on November 21 accused the Ukrainian army of carrying out 200-300 attacks on civilian infrastructure across the country. Russian territory every day, killing 60-70 civilians every week.

“The current government in Ukraine is completely toxic, we do not see any opportunity to join forces with them at this time,” Mr. Miroshnik declared, adding that Russia launched a campaign in Ukraine because “there is no more What other measures can be taken to respond to the security risks created by Kiev?

According to Miroshnik, the administration of President Volodymyr Zelensky is massively using Storm Shadow missiles, ATACMS and HIMARS rocket artillery to attack non-military targets, claiming that NATO is supplying banned weapons to Ukraine. , “but the West will eventually abandon Kiev”.

“We can oppose NATO to the extent necessary to complete the tasks set by President Vladimir Putin,” Miroshnik said. “The fighting in Ukraine will end when the government in Kiev no longer exists.”

Russian Ambassador-at-Large Rodion Miroshnik. Image: TASS

The Russian ambassador also accused the Ukrainian army of using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to “hunt” Russian civilians. “UAV operators can clearly see who they are targeting and how it is all done,” Mr. Miroshnik said.

Ukraine has not commented on Mr. Miroshnik’s allegations.

Oleksiy Danilov, leader of the National Defense and Security Council of Ukraine (RNBO), said on November 20 that Russia has prepared for a long war, continuously investing resources in the military and demonstrating good resistance. than expected before Western sanctions. He also called on the US and its allies to step up aid to help Ukraine regain territory and restore economic capacity.

Ukraine’s large-scale counterattack has not achieved many results after more than 5 months, causing the war to largely fall into a stalemate. Western leaders worry that the growing shortage of aid to Ukraine could prompt Russia to attack and reclaim areas it withdrew from last year.

Western officials admit that no weapons system transferred to Ukraine has made a strategic difference on the battlefield. Manpower and ammunition are still important factors that Ukraine lacks, while the Western arms production industry cannot match Russia’s.

Huyen Le (According to Reuters, TASS)

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