‘Female monster’ got married 7 times, had an abortion and then divorced to get the wedding favor money

‘Female monster’ got married 7 times, had an abortion and then divorced to get the wedding favor money
‘Female monster’ got married 7 times, had an abortion and then divorced to get the wedding favor money

To make money from the wedding challenge, Shuang married 7 men in turn according to a process: Wedding, pregnancy, abortion, filing for divorce and tricking someone into marrying someone else.

According to Legal Daily, A woman named Shuang (Henan province, China) tricked into marrying 7 men to get a large wedding reward, despite having to repeatedly have abortions. Shuang’s tricks were exposed when her 7th husband exposed everything and denounced her.

In March 2023, Shuang met Xiaoya – her 7th husband – on a date arranged by a matchmaker. They got married 2 months later.

In July, Shuang discovered she was pregnant but decided to have an abortion because doctors discovered that the fetus had abnormalities. After that, she filed for divorce. Xiaoya agreed but sued to pay the wedding price of 186 thousand yuan (more than 630 million VND).

Initially, two lower courts rejected the petition, but Xiaoya appealed to a higher court and the petition was approved. Xiaoya affirmed that Shuang took advantage of marriage as a way to make money. He tracked down his wife’s ex-father-in-law and learned that she had married his son, then had an abortion and divorced within 6 months, after receiving the wedding price.

Later, Mr. Xiaoya discovered that Shuang had also been married to five other men, following the same “formula” of getting pregnant, having an abortion, and then quickly filing for divorce, taking all of the wedding money. .

Wedding favors in China can include money, jewelry and many other valuable items. (Photo: Shutterstock)

After investigation, the Supreme Court ordered Shuang to return Xiaoya 100 thousand yuan (337 million VND). In addition, she must also return all the money she defrauded the other 6 men.

The incident shocked Chinese social networks. Many people were horrified to see this woman disregarding both her conscience and her body to cheat to make money: “Is her uterus made of iron? Or is this just a pure scam?”; “It’s terrible to turn marriage into a business”; “Why would a woman disregard her dignity and kill her child just to make money like that?”

In China, the wedding favor is a large sum and from this custom, there are always many funny and sad stories that take place. In May 2023, when challenged to marry 190 thousand yuan, the 35-year-old man from Shanxi province decided to cancel the wedding and travel to 40 cities. I don’t want to get married and have to carry a lot of debt.

Nhat Thuy (Source: SCMP)

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