The boy who sold his kidney to buy an iPhone that year now has a tragic life, if only his parents had taught him well in the past


Competing for a moment, holding grudges for a lifetime

In 2011, 17-year-old high school student Wang Shangkun in Anhui (China) had a strong passion for Apple products. It is known that Vuong was born into a not very well-off family. Even Vuong’s hometown is the poorest locality in China. However, Vuong’s passion for having an iPhone and iPad to show off to his friends is extremely strong.

One day, Vuong was surfing the net and received a message from an organ collector in an online chat room. This person said that Vuong could earn 20,000 yuan (69 million VND) selling organs.

The young man then subjectively thought: “One kidney is enough, why do I need another kidney? Why not sell it to make money?”. In April 2011, the organ trafficking group brought Wang Shangkun from Anhui province to Chenzhou city (Hunan province) to perform underground surgery. Vuong’s parents were unaware of this plan.

Vuong Thuong Con had surgery to remove his left kidney at an unhygienic clinic. This organ was then sold for 220,000 yuan (more than 770 million VND), but Vuong only received 10% of the amount. After that, Vuong Thuong Con used the money from selling his kidney to buy an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2.

Vuong Thuong Kun’s kidney surgery

Vuong’s family immediately became suspicious and asked where their son got the money to buy the iPhone. After a period of questioning, Vuong had to admit that he had sold a kidney. The incident was quickly reported to the police. Nine people involved in illegal trading activities were arrested, five of whom were charged with intentionally causing injury and organ trafficking. Vuong’s family was compensated 1.47 million yuan (about 4.9 billion VND).

However, selling the kidney seriously affected Vuong Thuong Kun’s health. Due to the underground surgery, poor hygiene, and lack of post-operative care, Vuong got an infection in the remaining kidney.

From a good-looking young man, 1m91 tall, Vuong Thuong Con later suffered from severe kidney failure, was bedridden and weighed only about 45 kg. Because his health deteriorated, Vuong had to drop out of school, rely on family care and have to undergo regular dialysis because the remaining kidney could not perform this function.

The cost of dialysis is extremely expensive, so the amount of compensation in the past was just a drop in the bucket. His life was completely ruined, Vuong Thuong Con only regretted it as if it was too late.

Vuong Thuong Kun’s health was permanently damaged

Current life: Mentally ill, tends to give up on himself

After the incident of “selling a kidney to buy an iPhone” was shared on social networks, Vuong Thuong Con became the topic of discussion for everyone, from classmates to neighbors, relatives, even relatives. not familiar at all. Whenever iPhone launches a new phone, Vuong’s story is mentioned.

The attack caused Vuong Thuong Kun to close his heart. Chinese media recently reported that the only thing this guy wants to do is stay at home and play games online, and doesn’t want to go out and meet other people. But no matter how much he hid himself, Vuong Thuong Con was still dragged into gossip.

When reporters came to the house, Vuong Thuong Con’s mother said that her son had a tendency to give up on himself and could not escape the obsession of the old kidney sale incident. Ms. Vuong hopes to find a psychological counseling facility to help Vuong Thuong Con recover from his mental illness and reintegrate into society.

The male student who sold his kidney to buy an iPhone that year now has a tragic life, if only his parents had taught him well in the past - Photo 3.

Vuong Thuong Con was skinny and boneless

Many times, Vuong Thuong Con sadly told his mother: “Mom, my kidney is gone.” Mrs. Vuong often has nightmares because of this. In a nightmare, her son’s organs were taken and sold to an unknown location. In daily life, not only Vuong Thuong Con but also Vuong’s parents are embarrassed when going out, sometimes not daring to look their neighbors in the eye.

However, looking back at this tragic incident, the role and responsibility of Vuong Thuong Con’s parents cannot be ignored. Sharing with reporters, Ms. Vuong said that before the kidney sale happened, even though their local family was not very rich, they were very happy.

“When my son was in middle school, he studied very well, especially liked History and sports. He was active and cheerful, making his parents proud,” Ms. Vuong recalled.

But everything began to change in high school. At that time, Vuong Thuong Kun’s grades dropped and he became obsessed with many different games, and also came into contact with bad people online. However, Mr. and Mrs. Vuong did not pay proper attention to their child at that time. Both of them at that time had too high expectations for their child, which unintentionally put a lot of pressure on Vuong Thuong Con.

Ms. Vuong admitted that the couple did not do a good job in guiding and educating their children, as well as communicating with them too little.

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