German Defense Minister unexpectedly visited Ukraine

German Defense Minister unexpectedly visited Ukraine
German Defense Minister unexpectedly visited Ukraine

(Dan Tri) – German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius made an unannounced visit to the capital Kiev to emphasize Berlin’s positive role and strengthen its commitment to supporting Ukraine’s security.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius spoke to reporters in the capital Kiev on November 21 (Photo: AFP).

This is Mr. Pistorius’ second visit to Ukraine since assuming the position of Defense Minister earlier this year, taking place just 1 day after US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s surprise visit to Ukraine.

Like his American counterpart, Minister Pistorius traveled by train from Poland to Ukraine, and is expected to have important talks with his counterpart and host country President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Germany, which is the second largest supplier of military aid to Kiev after the United States, has played a key role in supporting Ukraine against Russian troops.

The German Defense Minister’s unannounced visit comes after global attention shifted to the war in Gaza, raising concerns that countries will reduce support for Ukraine. Mr. Pistorius’s trip is aimed at quelling these concerns, reaffirming Berlin’s steadfast support for Ukraine.

Mr. Pistorius’ surprise visit comes as Russia continues to escalate its air strikes on Ukraine, with Kiev preparing to cope with an increase in attacks on the country’s energy facilities in the winter months. upcoming.

Minister Pistorius’s discussions are therefore likely to focus on providing more military aid, strategic cooperation and addressing the broader geopolitical consequences of the conflict.

During Secretary Austin’s previous visit, the US side conveyed a message of reassurance to President Zelenskiy, affirming that Washington is committed to long-term support for Ukraine.

The United States has provided tens of billions of dollars in security assistance to Ukraine and has repeatedly reaffirmed its commitment to support Kiev as long as necessary. However, the assurance comes amid growing concerns about a sharp decline in US aid, with some Republicans in Congress blocking proposals for treatment aid. 60 billion USD price for Kiev.

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