‘UFO’ causes panic, Indian fighter jets have to launch a hunt?


Sources said that the Indian Air Force had to hastily deploy a fighter jet formation after information that a suspected unidentified flying object (UFO) was reported near the airport in Northeast country, sheet The Times of India reported.

According to information that appeared on November 20, UFOs were discovered at an airport in Imphal City in northeastern India. The incident then caused panic in the area, so all civil flight operations had to be suspended for about 3 hours.

Rafale fighter


However, then the sheet International Business Times reported that fighter jets searched the suspected area but did not find any signs of objects suspected to be UFOs.

“Immediately after receiving information about UFOs near Imphal airport, a Rafale fighter jet from the nearby air force base was dispatched to participate in the UFO search,” local officials said.

The searches were ended not long after. “Airplanes equipped with advanced sensors performed low-level flights over the suspected area to search for UFOs but found nothing there,” area officials added.

Currently, information about the incident is still relatively limited. This event occurred not long after a Ryanair pilot said he saw a UFO approaching him as the plane took off.

It is expected that after conducting some more related investigations, Indian officials will update the situation further.

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