Russia can demand compensation for the Nord Stream pipeline explosion


RIA and Al Jazeera reported that gas pipelines connecting Russia and Germany under the Baltic Sea were damaged in an explosion last September and investigators have not yet identified the culprit.

Answering the question about compensation, Director of the Economic Cooperation Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry – Mr. Dmitry Birichevsky said: “The investigation has not ended yet, we are waiting for the results of the investigation to be presented to the Security Council.” United Nations, then we will decide what to do… We do not rule out the possibility of later raising the issue of compensation for damage caused by the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.”

Russia blamed the US, UK and Ukraine for the explosion, but these three countries all denied any involvement. The United Nations Security Council refused to investigate the explosion, leaving it to the governments of Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also said that Russia will determine who is behind the explosion and then make a compensation claim.

“Now, the data shows that such a large-scale act of sabotage and terrorist attack against critical infrastructure could not have been carried out without the participation of the state,” Peskov said. and special state agencies. Western countries are taking all possible measures to cover up this problem… But Russia will do everything to prevent that from happening.”

Mr. Putin mentioned the name of the country potentially behind the Nord Stream explosionRussian President Vladimir Putin said that US intelligence agencies are most likely behind the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in September 2022.

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