Close-up of creating the most luxurious “rich” dish in the world but causing outrage because of its cruelty


Talking about “rich” dishes that are luxurious and expensive, it is impossible not to mention foie gras – one of the most luxurious dishes on the planet. This dish is even considered “divine” in the culinary world because of its extremely delicious, greasy, silky-soft taste…

Foie gras – one of the most luxurious dishes on the planet

However, it is a controversial dish, because the creation process is extremely cruel, said to be animal abuse. Specifically, to be able to create this goose liver dish, people must use a very… cruel form of farming.

Foie gras is essentially a piece of fatty liver taken from obese geese, which gives it its characteristic fatty flavor. But to get that, people will have to force the geese to eat grains with tubes, which simply means “stuffing” them with lots of food. After opening the goose’s mouth, people will stuff it into a long metal tube and then pump food through it. This farming process has been considered barbaric by many animal rights organizations.

And of course, after being fattened up and round, comes the “harvest” part of the goose liver.

Large pieces of fatty liver are taken from the geese

Close-up of goose liver pieces after “harvest”

Today, many places have banned the circulation of this dish, typically California (USA), England, Argentina, India, Israel… However, there are still a few places where foie gras is circulated despite the ban. protests from many people around the world.

Source: Business Insider, Theguardian, cbsnews…

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