China warns Argentina of making a serious mistake if it cuts ties

China warns Argentina of making a serious mistake if it cuts ties
China warns Argentina of making a serious mistake if it cuts ties

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ninh – Photo: REUTERS

On November 19, Mr. Milei won the election and will become the new president of Argentina. This right-wing politician is said to have pro-American views and has criticized Brazil and China.

International public opinion focuses on the foreign policy of Mr. Milei, who is tasked with bringing Argentina’s declining economy back on track.

This mission could lead Mr. Milei to boost relationships with China and Brazil, which are among Argentina’s most important trading partners.

However, Mr. Milei affirmed that he would not associate with the world’s second largest economy and its neighboring country, and even described China with harsh words a few months ago.

At a regular press conference on November 21, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ninh said that China-Argentina diplomatic relations are developing well.

Ms. Mao emphasized that if Argentina cut ties with countries like China and Brazil, it would be “a serious mistake.”

In fact, Mr. Milei’s tough tone towards China contrasts with President Alberto Fernandez, who is about to leave his leadership position to cede to Mr. Milei.

During his visit to China last month, Mr. Fernandez praised China as Argentina’s “true friend”. He also pledged to coordinate with China through many cooperation mechanisms, including the G20 and BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa).

Argentina is currently among six countries invited to become new members of BRICS. However, according to Diana Mondino, an economist expected to become foreign minister in Mr. Milei’s government, Argentina will not join BRICS and will “stop interacting” with the governments of China and Brazil.

When asked about Ms. Mondino’s statement, Ms. Mao said: “The two sides have strong economic complementarities and great potential for cooperation. China is willing to continue to coordinate with Argentina to promote cooperation.” stability and long-term development of the bilateral relationship”.

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