The growth model from “brown” to “green” changes the face of Quang Ninh

A corner of Quang Ninh. (Source: Investment Newspaper)

Boldly change

According to statistics of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the whole province has over 240 mines and ore points that have been and are being exploited; in which, the annual exploitation output of minerals such as coal reaches over 40 million tons, construction materials over 1.4 million m, limestone cement over 6.5 million tons, clay cement over 1 million tons. .3 million tons… Budget revenue from the coal industry alone accounts for 67% of the province’s domestic revenue each year.

However, the province soon identified the factors inhibiting the province’s sustainable development. For example, the growth model is not sustainable, too dependent on the mining industry, and at the same time, industries and fields in Quang Ninh have not been interested in investing in science and technology, especially new technologies. , clean, environmentally friendly…

Faced with that situation, from the early years of the 2010-2015 term, Quang Ninh determined that it must change the growth model towards sustainability. The province determines that green growth will be implemented based on the process of changing the growth model, restructuring the economy, transforming the development mode closely associated with the effective implementation of three strategic breakthroughs, namely: administrative methods, human resource training, infrastructure development.

Thereby, in order to gradually reduce the reliance on unsustainable factors such as finite resources and gradually increase sustainable factors based on geopolitical position, knowledge economy, science and technology, consumption, investment, export, landscape, culture, historical traditions and human intelligence… to develop, on the basis of locating potentials, strengths and local development in the context regional, national and international.

In order to create consistency and synchronization in implementation, the green growth target of the province has been discussed and received a high consensus in the political system, as well as of the people in the province at different periods. The 13th Provincial Party Congress (2010-2015), the XIV Provincial Party Congress (2015-2020).

In particular, the Resolution of the XIV Provincial Party Congress emphasized: Striving to 2020, building Quang Ninh into a province with an economic structure of service and industry; is a high-quality tourism center of the region, one of the economic growth poles of the North and the whole country…

In the action plan to implement the National Green Growth Strategy, Quang Ninh sets a target that by 2020, the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 8-10% (compared to 2010); reduce greenhouse gas emissions in energy activities about 10-20% compared to the normal development option; increase the forest coverage rate to 55%; the percentage of industrial parks and industrial clusters with satisfactory centralized wastewater treatment systems is 100%; the rate of investment in developing industries supporting environmental protection and enriching natural resources contributes 3-4% of GDP…

The views, resolutions and directives related to green growth of Quang Ninh have become the guideline for comprehensive socio-economic development. The province has created new ways of doing things, new models, even unprecedented in Vietnam.

By 2020, the locality will take the lead in the country in renovating the growth model, transforming the development mode from “brown” to “green”, promoting the development of the marine economy, creating a solid foundation for Quang Ninh to develop. leapfrog and comprehensive development after 2020.

End point at Km176+00, connecting to Bac Luan 2 bridge road (Mong Cai city) – the border gate for trade with the Chinese market. (Photo: Investment Newspaper)

Constantly innovating

Despite experiencing 3 years of being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic with many difficulties and challenges, Quang Ninh’s economic growth rate in 2022 is expected to reach 10.21% over the same period. This is the 7th year in a row (2016-2022), Quang Ninh achieves double-digit economic growth.

According to the assessment of the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh province, the quality of economic growth has been significantly improved, the size and potential of the economy has increased significantly, estimated at over VND 258,000 billion, an increase of 8.3% compared to the previous plan. model year 2021.

The industry and construction sector, despite many difficulties, still made an important contribution to the growth rate, increasing by 6.38%; total social investment capital reached 97,766 billion dong, up 10.19% over the same period. The service sector recovered quickly, being the main growth driver, increasing by 17.34% (in 2021, increasing by 5.8%), contributing 5.44 percentage points in GRDP growth.

Total tourists were estimated at 11.6 million arrivals, over 2.6 times higher than the same period; total state budget revenue is estimated at 56,500 billion dong, an increase of 24% of the central estimate, an increase of 7% of the provincial estimate, an increase of 8% of the same period; in which, revenue from import-export activities is estimated at 14,500 billion dong, up 37% of the estimate, up 45% over the same period; Domestic revenue is estimated at 42 trillion dong, an increase of 18% of the central estimate, equal to 100% of the estimate assigned at the beginning of the year, equivalent to the same period.

In 2022, Quang Ninh implemented and completed many key works and projects such as: Van Don – Mong Cai Expressway; Geriatric Hospital – Provincial Rehabilitation; Ao Tien high-class port; central main road of Cai Rong urban area (phase 2)…

At the same time, the province also organized the groundbreaking of new projects such as: a social housing project at Bank Hill, an investment project to build, upgrade and expand Quang Ninh Lung Hospital (Ha Long City). ); Commencement of construction of industrial factory project complex in Nha Mac lagoon area…

In 2023, Quang Ninh defines the year’s theme as: “Improve investment attraction efficiency, maintain growth momentum”.

Quang Ninh aims to continue promoting the transformation of the growth model associated with the “brown” to “green” development mode, restructuring the economy; improve productivity, quality, efficiency, autonomy, adaptability and competitiveness of the economy; continue to accelerate the implementation of three strategic breakthroughs; closely link the goals of economic growth with human development, building a culture rich in identity…

The Resolution of the 15th Provincial Party Congress, term 2020-2025 also determined, soon to build Quang Ninh into a modern industrial and service province, one of the dynamic and comprehensive development centers in Vietnam. North.

Believing that, with a creative way of doing things, constantly innovating, daring to think, dare to do, and actively transforming the development method from “brown” to “green” in its own way, Quang Ninh will soon achieve these goals. The set target is to become a city directly under the Central Government by 2030.

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