A green countryside in Anh Son district, Nghe An


Social policy credit activities in Anh Son always receive the trust of the people

Awakening a new economy in a countryside

As one of 32 households volunteering to enter the new economic zone, now hamlet 9, Khai Son commune, Anh Son district, Ms. Dau Thi Giang told us: “In those days life was hard and difficult enough”. The whole family has 5 people, 2 husband and wife and 3 children of school age just rely on pure farming, so poverty clings to them and doesn’t let go. She and her husband always wanted to do business and improve their lives, but they had no capital. Until 2009, “during a meeting to listen to the Chief of the village about the preferential capital of VBSP, I researched and agreed with my family to immediately join the Savings and Loan Group for living”. she told.

From a loan of 15 million dong, poor households used to raise 2 cows, by 2012 the family had 5 cows. “When the debt was due, I sold 1 cow and 1 calf and got 25 million VND to repay the loan and pay for my children’s education,” she said. At the end of 2014, she continued to borrow VND 30 million to plant 50 oranges and pomelos. “After 4 years of taking care of a stable family, I have more money to take care of my children’s education, repair a dilapidated house and pay off debt.”

Her family’s happiness was multiplied when in the same year 2018, her eldest child entered the Vietnam – Korea College and was loaned 85 million VND by the Social Policy Bank for the student credit program. At the beginning of 2019, continued to receive a loan of VND 50 million from VBSP to continue to develop and expand the orange and pomelo model. She boldly borrowed another 50 million dong for the job creation program to invest in the black apple snail farming model. Up to now, her family has had a stable life with assets including 5 buffaloes; there is 1 model of black apple snail farming, 2 fish ponds, 1,000 oranges and pomelos of all kinds. “The greatest joy after many years of trying, in 2020, the family will build a spacious and spacious house with full amenities,” she said happily.

For Mr. Truong Cong Binh in Khe Trang village, Tho Son commune, formerly a poor household of the commune, raising small children alone, the family’s main income is only from raising chickens and ducks, so the family’s economy is very difficult. towel. At the beginning of 2012, he only dared to borrow 20 million VND from poor households to invest in raising cows. By 2016, his family was less difficult, he boldly borrowed 30 million VND to raise cows; Currently, he is borrowing 50 million VND from near-poor households to raise cattle, grow acacia, sugarcane, cassava… thanks to his hard work, his family’s economy has risen out of poverty, has stable income and financial resources. produce 7 cows, 2 ha of acacia, 1 ha of sugarcane, 1 ha of cassava. “VBSP is really a bridge of the people, helping people to be close to the preferential capital,” said Mr. Binh.

VBSP staff in Anh Son district often go to the grassroots to listen to the thoughts and aspirations of the borrowers

Create more impetus for the local economy

The policy credit capital flow has benefited from the implementation of Directive 40/CT-TW with the more active and extensive involvement of the committees and local authorities. In particular, the local budget entrusted through the VBSP in Anh Son district increased to 10 billion VND, of which the district budget was 2.9 billion VND, which added additional loan capital to meet the needs of the poor and other beneficiaries. other policy objects in the area, contributing to the implementation of the district’s annual goals of rapid and sustainable poverty reduction, job creation, new rural construction, and social security assurance.

By the end of April 2023, the total operating capital at VBSP in Anh Son district reached VND 589 billion, an increase of VND 572 billion (37 times higher) compared to the beginning of operation (in 2003).

Over 20 years of implementing policy credit under Decree No. 78/ND-CP dated October 4, 2002 of the Government, Anh Son district has concentrated credit resources through VBSP to lend 63,520 turns of poor households and key beneficiaries. other books with loan sales reaching 1,678,388 million dong, debt collection revenue reaching 1,161,046 million dong; helping 22,466 poor households get loans, helping over 10,000 households get out of poverty, attracting and creating jobs for over 2,000 workers, helping 12,245 pupils and students in difficult circumstances get study loans; support to build and renovate 21,364 clean water and sanitation works in rural areas, support to build and repair 1,312 houses for poor households…

Vice Chairman of the District People’s Committee Hoang Xuan Cuong, cum Head of the Representative Board of the VBSP in Anh Son district affirmed: “The effective organization and implementation of policy credit programs play an important role in the implementation of the Target Program. on sustainable poverty reduction, ensuring social security, creating jobs, building new rural areas, stabilizing politics, social order, promoting socio-economic development according to the orientation of each period. of the District Party Committee, People’s Council, and People’s Committee; contributing to the realization of the objectives of economic restructuring, restoration of craft villages, development and expansion of products and services in the area. reduce the rate of poor households in the district every year from 1-1.5%, the whole district now has 14 localities to the new rural destination”. In 2022, the district’s per capita income will reach VND 43.7 million/year.

Policy credit has been invested in the areas that farmers need the most

Policy credit has been invested in the areas that farmers need the most

The story of poverty reduction and economic development of the people of Anh Son is now not only focused on producing small goods but towards green – clean – circular, high-tech application. Many new models are being replicated such as new high-quality rice seed fields; planting new GM maize varieties; link planting new high-yield sugarcane varieties on flat land; produce vegetables and fruits in net houses; large-scale livestock production; building new rural areas associated with the OCOP program. Many factories and projects supporting agricultural production and services are following the investment call of the district and province, promising a new future for Anh Son economic development towards the higher value-added segment.

By the end of April 2023, VBSP in Anh Son district had a total outstanding loan of 571 billion VND for 10,330 households, the average loan balance was 55.3 million VND/household. This will be the fulcrum for Anh Son district to soon become a district of “Ecological agriculture, modern countryside, civilized farmers” in the spirit of Resolution No. Nghe An province Nguyen Duc Trung expects.

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