Shipwreck in Cambodia, dozens of Chinese missing

Cambodian rescue forces today (September 23) are actively searching for 23 Chinese nationals missing after the boat carrying them sank off the coast of Cambodia last night.

According to Khmer Times and Reuters, the boat carrying 41 Chinese people had trouble at sea, off the coast of Sihanoukville. According to the announcement of local authorities, 18 people were rescued, but 23 others are missing.

It is not clear what caused the ship to sink and authorities are questioning the lucky survivors. The local government does not release the information of the Chinese tourists and it is not clear whether any Cambodians in the group were rescued or missing.

Photo: Khmer Times

One of the survivors, Chengui Sheng, 27, from Fujian province, said the boat was carrying 41 people, including three women. They left the port in Guangzhou, China on September 11 by speedboat, then boarded a wooden boat with two Cambodian guides on September 17. However, the boat was then flooded with water and stalled in the middle of the sea. According to Sheng, another boat picked up the two Cambodian guides and left the 41 Chinese adrift.

Cambodian border police conducted a search and authorities asked fishermen to participate, offering a reward of 2 million riel for each person rescued.

Kheang Phearom, a government spokesman, said two Cambodian guides had been arrested for questioning.

Cambodia is a popular destination for Chinese tourists. Sihanoukville is home to many casinos and in recent years Cambodian police have launched raids on operators suspected of being cybercriminals. Some of them were linked to China, police said.

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