Dieu Nhi was caught trying on wedding clothes, coincidentally the same as Minh Hang?

On October 10, Dieu Nhi and Anh Tu’s wedding will take place at a 5-star hotel in the bride’s hometown. The guests are all close friends in the entertainment industry. The wedding is tight security to ensure privacy for the relatives of both parties.

Recently, on social networks, photos of Dieu Nhi went to try on a wedding dress. She wears a sporty outfit that looks extremely trendy and dynamic. The brand that Dieu Nhi chooses to make a bride’s dress is a world-class wedding dress brand of a series of cult stars. Surprisingly, Minh Hang also chose a wedding dress from this expensive brand for her big day. The price of this brand’s wedding dress can be up to several billion depending on the sophistication of the design.

Actress Dieu Nhi, Vietnamese star

Dieu Nhi was caught trying on wedding clothes. The brand she chose is the brand Minh Hang used to choose.

Actress Dieu Nhi, Vietnamese star

Actress Dieu Nhi, Vietnamese star

Dieu Nhi is lovely in samples.

It can be seen that the wedding bouquet that Dieu Nhi caught from Minh Hang’s hand has had a super effect. Dieu Nhi not only got a handsome and talented husband like her senior, but also held a wedding ceremony at a romantic beach, now choosing the wedding dress brand of Minh Hang. People are extremely curious, what image will Dieu Nhi become “October bride” with?

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