Black sesame tea shop with Japanese style and unique “rite” of goodbye to customers

Probably spent the rest of my life in Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City still surprised me like the first days I set foot.

Ho Chi Minh City gathers many cultural values, culinary specialties, and egos throughout the three regions. But inherently Ho Chi Minh City, has many interesting things available.

On a cold winter morning, I ran along Yersin, turned onto Nguyen Thai Binh street, and found Uncle Cuong’s black sesame tea shop. A tea shop without its own name, hangs a sign that says Black Sesame Tea directly, but it is still easy to remember because of its elegant Japanese taste, because of its commercial space, but it feels like visiting home, because Uncle Cuong sells it. tea with the most interesting business personality.

A tea shop in the heart of District 1 has many interesting things besides the aftertaste.

The first impression when seeing the shop is two sets of red tables and chairs arranged neatly in front of the door, on the table is a small vase of chrysanthemums, covered with umbrellas, extremely tasteful. But the main thing is that the tables and chairs from the front to the inside are not the same, nor are the types of food served in the usual shops, but the type of chairs at the dining table that were considered modern about 10 years ago, and a set of low wooden tables and chairs to receive guests in the past.

Entering, quite overwhelmed when a small shop has dozens of valuable collectibles. Closed on two sides of the wall are many musical instruments: zither, lute, violin, guitar, trumpet, large-format paintings… Below are arranged more feng shui items, collectibles, precious ceramics on display. Displayed in a glass cabinet… Haven’t talked, guessed, the owner of the house is knowledgeable.

My friend and I ordered two famous dishes of the shop, which are black sesame tea and black sesame flan.

“You two, don’t stir the coconut milk, just like that, scoop each spoonful, I told you, leave it!”

The way of addressing seems a bit distant, but the implication is extremely close. It is known that the owner of the shop when he was young went to teach music, and the pictures hanging on the wall were the work of his uncle’s wife. In his old age, he opened a tea shop at home, everything on the menu was made by his own hands, boldly Japanese, with very Vietnamese prices.

Black sesame tea here has sugar and no sugar, but it’s strange that eating any kind is satisfying. The tea is smooth, sweet, greasy, and fragrant at the tip of the tongue. Because the tea is not iced, if you choose a cool early morning or a sunny day to enjoy, you will see the deliciousness of the tea more clearly. In addition to healthy nutritious black sesame tea, there are also whipped green bean tea, black sesame smoothie and some types of flan including black sesame flan, custard flan, matcha flan, coffee flan.

The flan here is also different, without ice, coffee or caramel in it, but only a cake upside down on a plate, chilled. Recently, people are often attracted to the black sesame flan, this cake is soft and melts in the mouth, fragrant with black sesame, fleshy, rolled up in small pieces, so you can feel the strange taste, fatty but delicious. not too sweet.

Black sesame tea shop with Japanese style and

While sitting, I saw a Japanese customer looking at the door in front of the shop, I reminded him that there was a customer coming, he said: “Never mind, when they really want to come in, they’ll come in” then indifferently do his work in the kitchen. The story of welcoming guests wasn’t over when he finished delivering the tea to the guests, he sat down at the piano and began to press each key. Drunk from Perfect – Ed Sheeran to Always remember us this way – Lady Gaga, I turned to ask “Do you know this song?” then laugh. Apparently, pay attention to choose music suitable for each age of “guests to the house”.

Just as I was leaving, he approached the inner doorframe and rang the bell. A farewell ceremony for the first time I witnessed, both strange and cute. Asked what it means, he said: “This is a form of praying for luck, creating the sound of the wind to bring luck. The bell is considered a sound that attracts luck, fortune, and brings positive energy into everyone’s life.” Vibrating for about 1 minute, I feel really lucky. Because of being warmly received little by little, delicately, because not every guest is greeted with a ringing bell.

Black sesame tea shop with Japanese style and

Coming to enjoy tea, even the Japanese guests and us, were attracted by the space, the food and the owner’s personality. I was curious to ask many things, but his expression made me want to linger to observe more, and give people a certain reason to come and find out next time. If it’s an exaggeration, the shop is like a pearl in the middle of the city. If you need a suggestion to get around, this is a place that everyone should take the time to check out.

Black Sesame Tea Shop

Address: 149 Nguyen Thai Binh, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, HCMC

Opening hours: 8:00 – 21:00

Selling price: 15,000 VND – 25,000 VND

According to Bich Loan


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