Russia announced that it will not sell oil and gas to countries with ceiling prices

Russia announced that it will not sell oil and gas to countries with ceiling prices
Russia announced that it will not sell oil and gas to countries with ceiling prices

Russia announced that it will not supply oil and gas to countries that support the ceiling price on Russian oil, but will decide after analyzing the data.

“We are now following the position of President Vladimir Putin that we will not supply oil and gas to countries that will impose price ceilings,” a Kremlin spokesman said at a press conference in Moscow today.

“The Europeans still have very confusing discussions about this price cap. It feels like they’re just trying to make a decision, not for effect, but just to show that the limit has been put in place. out,” Peskov added. “However, we need to analyze the figures discussed in Europe before defining our position.”

Peskov’s comments come as the G7 is considering a ceiling on Russia’s seaborne oil at $65-70 per barrel, although European Union (EU) governments have yet to agree. Agree on a price and negotiations will continue.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in Moscow in December 2021. Image: AFP.

A senior US Treasury official said on November 22 that the EU was consulting its members on the price level and that the West would take steps to impose a price ceiling as soon as the EU process is completed. The price ceiling will be the basis for the ban, effective December 5, banning companies from transporting or providing insurance for shipments of Russian oil sold above a fixed price.

This is the first time the US and its Western allies have outlined a specific roadmap for measures to impose a ceiling on Russian oil prices, after months of discussions.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said today that the country is exempt from the proposal to impose a price ceiling on Russian oil, meaning Hungary will not be affected if the proposed ceiling is approved.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the end of September that EU sanctions against Russia should be lifted, as they raise gas prices and inflation. Orban is considered the most pro-Russian leader of the EU’s 27 member states, repeatedly saying the union is self-destructive by imposing sanctions on Moscow, or warning that these measures risk destroying the economy. European economy.

The Ukraine conflict, which broke out on February 24, has sent energy prices soaring, bringing huge profits to Russia and helping it mitigate the effects of Western sanctions. The United States and its allies say the oil price ceiling is not only to deprive Russia of revenue, but also to help cool down global energy prices.

Russia has repeatedly warned that it may cut oil production to cope with the negative impact if the West imposes a price ceiling. The Kremlin also announced that it would stop selling oil to countries with price ceilings.

Before Russia launched a military campaign in Ukraine in February, Europe was the destination for nearly half of Russia’s oil exports. In 2021, the bloc will import from Russia about 2.2 million barrels of crude oil, 1.2 million barrels of refined products and 0.5 million barrels of diesel per day, of which Germany, Poland and the Netherlands are customers. biggest.

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