Dam Vinh Hung: “My acting frequency is equal to that of many other artists combined”

With 25 years of singing, Dam Vinh Hung almost “covers” all the big and small stages. On September 21, the male singer had a reunion with members of the Dance Dance Company – one of the dance groups associated with his exciting performances for many years.

Voice My love, please sleep in peace not afraid to admit: “My frequency of performing is equal to that of many other artists combined because I perform every night and also perform in many other places such as the US, Singapore… That’s why I need the dance troupe to go with me to perform to serve my needs. service to a wide audience”.

Singers Dam Vinh Hung and My My – members of the Dance Dance troupe (Photo: Organizing Committee).

Dam Vinh Hung confided that the dance troupes contributed greatly to the success of many artists, including him. The presence of dancers in each performance on stage helped him gain more confidence.

Particularly, the Leap Dance troupe has always been known as one of the oldest modern dance groups in the Vietnamese entertainment world, having brought eye-catching and vibrant performances to singers such as Dam Vinh Hung and Thanh. Thao, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Dong Nhi, Minh Hang…

My My used to be a prominent face in the dance troupe Leap Dance (Photo: Organizing Committee).

Recently, American American dancer – a member of the dance troupe – attracted attention when officially debuting as a singer. She was once considered a prominent face in the group, not only dancing beautifully, possessing a beautiful appearance, but also an inspirational voice.

My My revealed: “When I was at school, I actively participated in music programs. Before being a member of the dance troupe, I worked as an office worker, real estate agent, designer. … However, I did not find happiness in those jobs. It was my mother who supported me to go to the artistic path, because she only saw her daughter happy when she could sing or dance.”

She shared, even though she knew that when she switched to becoming a singer, she would have to start with zero, she was still determined to practice to pursue her passion.

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