Controversy about female students wearing cut skirts and heavy makeup in the final prom, are they living the right age for students?


If you’ve seen foreign school movies, many people are no stranger to grand prom parties. Prom (also known as prom night), is roughly understood as a luxurious party held at the end of the school year, with the participation of a large number of teachers and students.

In recent years, there are quite a few high schools in the country that have “catching up” with the trend of organizing proms for senior students. For many students in grade 12, prom is as important as the closing or opening day. Because this is a rare opportunity for them to leave the familiar white shirt, put on a splendid evening dress and mark the moment of adulthood.

Recently, however, when a series of photos taken on a prom day at a high school in Hanoi were shared on social networks, netizens couldn’t help but be divided into mixed opinions. Someone complimented that prom was indeed an opportunity for students to show off their personality with gorgeous costumes. However, many others think that the cut evening dresses, accompanied by bold makeup, are not suitable for students’ age.

With the evening gowns of high school students, the online community divided into mixed opinions (Artwork)

Critics: Prom dresses are beautiful but not appropriate for school age

Regarding the set of photos of schoolgirls on the prom holiday, which are receiving much attention, a part thinks that their costumes and makeup are quite “violent”. This not only makes the female student look older, but also loses the innocence of the student age.

– Still knowing prom, wearing an evening dress is too beautiful and appropriate. But some girls now dress too boldly, wearing skirts that show their stomachs and legs like this, and their parents at home are still angry, not needing people outside to look.

– Looking at today’s prom photos, I know now that the girls are dressed “violently”. I still watch American, British, and Chinese school films, but I see that they dress more modestly. They don’t wear heavy make-up, and they don’t wear too-cut dresses like me.

– Looking at the prom costumes makes me see that they are losing their innocence of school age.

– I see the girls in high school 3 hours wearing costumes on the prom holiday are a bit “exaggerated”. For those of you with normal, even difficult families, it will be very hard to afford to follow your classmates.

– I’m just suggesting this, prom girls wear beautiful, gorgeous clothes, it’s up to you. As long as you feel confident. However, you also need to pay attention to the views of the people around you. Too much makeup on your face, too much cut-out skirt, long nails not only make you ten years older, but also lose the image of a student.

Advocate: Don’t impose on students the views of the previous generation

In another development, the majority said that the views of the previous generation should not be used to impose on students of this time. Prom day is also a milestone to mark the maturity of students’ lives, so they have the right to wear costumes to freely express their personality.

Instead of scrutinizing and criticizing what students wear on this special occasion, adults should guide them on how to choose the right outfit and makeup.

– I see in most of the photos, only a few are dressed inappropriately. It is true that there are children wearing revealing clothes and standing with a slightly sensitive posture, but the rest are dressed in very delicate clothes. If it’s just because of a few pictures that criticizes the prom holiday, it’s too one-sided.

– They are 18 years old, they should be free to choose their outfits and how to appear in front of others. The aunts and uncles are less prejudiced, so that the young people have space to develop.

– Ignore the negative comments, grade 12 students. Don’t impose the old ideas of that time on the young anymore. After all, by the end of 12th grade, most have reached adulthood. The day of parting, who does not want to have a deep impression. Instead of criticizing how students dress, adults should give more constructive feedback, so that they can both recognize their shortcomings but still maintain their beauty during the prom holidays.

– Uniforms and Ao Dai are worn every day. If students have exactly one farewell party in their life, they should dress more modestly. This is an evening dress, so you guys are still wearing it discreetly. There were only a few children who were dressed a bit too much, but they were only 17 or 18 years old anyway. In addition, voicing scrutiny of an immature person is not a good educational method.

These gorgeous but still age-appropriate prom outfits receive many compliments (Artwork)

Talking to us, Ms. Xuan Mai (a teacher at a specialized school in Hanoi) raised her opinion about the evening gowns of senior students on prom.

First, Ms. Mai said that with her own school, teachers will work with students to discuss common issues such as dress code for holidays, time, place and form. organize… Then, the homeroom teacher will remind the general rules of the prom holiday and note that boys and girls choose appropriate costumes.

“Most students love prom, because it’s colorful parties and students are free to choose what they want. I’ve seen photos of students dressed inappropriately online. In my experience, 1-2 such cases often appear at the year-end prom meeting.In real life, their costumes are not so ‘sensitive’ but on screen, it may be because of nervousness. incident occurred.

In order for female students to appear the most beautiful and true to their age on prom, they can talk to their teachers and previous classmates to ask for experience, ask for an address to rent costumes and make up. In addition, teachers also need to regularly remind children about the modesty in costumes on this holiday.” Mai expressed.

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