Binh Duong accelerates the development of 1 million social housing

Many social housing projects have not been implemented yet

Currently, Binh Duong has more than 1.2 million experts, engineers and workers coming to live and work in industrial parks, of which 85% are immigrants. This is a group of people with a very large demand for housing, 8 times higher than that of local people. Therefore, Binh Duong is one of the leading provinces in the country in terms of housing or rental demand with a rate of up to 74.5%.

Ms. Tran Thi Thao (38 years old, from Ha Tinh province) said that she and her husband have been working as workers in VSIP Binh Duong Industrial Park for more than 10 years. With a worker’s salary, the family can only live in the worker’s dormitory to save costs.

“I also dream of a house of my own, so that my children can have a study and living space instead of this small 15m2 motel room. Therefore, my wife and I are trying to save up so we can buy a house. Because the price of Binh Duong’s house is too high, my wife and I can’t afford to buy it, “said Thao.

Facing the situation of workers from all over the country flocking to work and having a “huge” demand for housing, Binh Duong province is continuing to implement social housing projects to meet.

With a large number of foreign workers, the demand for social housing in Binh Duong is very large. Photo: HT

The leader of Binh Duong Province’s Department of Construction said that the province currently has 22 commercial housing projects with a 20% residential land fund for construction of social housing with a total residential land area of ​​64.53 hectares. Binh Duong has invested in the construction and put into use of 25 social housing projects with about 1.4 million m2 residential floor. In which, 11 social housing projects in Binh Duong have non-budget capital, the lowest housing price is 5.6 million VND/m2.2 and the highest is 14.89 million VND/m2.

As an industrially developed province, with a large number of foreign workers, the demand for housing is very large, so Binh Duong continues to implement social housing projects.

It is expected that the capital source for housing development in the 2021-2025 period is about 130,000 billion VND, of which commercial housing is 49,800 billion VND, people build from accumulated capital 59,150 billion VND; Social housing, resettlement is about 21,050 billion VND. Binh Duong forecasts that by 2025, the total population will reach over 3.25 million people and is expected to use the residential land fund to increase by 1,600 hectares.

Regarding social housing investment in the 2016-2020 period, according to the plan, Binh Duong needs to invest more than 2,000,000 square meters of floor space. In the period of 2021-2025, the province is expected to add 4.2 million m2 floor, equivalent to 100,000 houses for workers to be invested and built. However, only about 65% of the plan was achieved due to many reasons. In addition, the social housing land fund in 32 commercial housing projects of about 100 hectares has not yet been constructed.

Proposing many mechanisms for social housing development

Mr. Nguyen Loc Ha – Vice Chairman of Binh Duong Provincial People’s Committee, the development of social housing in the locality has not yet met the actual requirements, has not mobilized many economic sectors and social resources for investment. social housing construction.

Binh Duong has issued many policies to attract social capital to invest in housing for workers. Photo: HT

Therefore, Binh Duong proposed the Government consider continuing to supplement capital sources for beneficiaries of preferential loans to invest in social housing construction and social housing purchase. At the same time, considering increasing the loan period from 20 years or more, the loan policy is open in terms of procedures, interest rates and loan duration to help subjects easily access loan sources to buy and rent social housing. .

Vo Hoang Ngan – Director of Binh Duong Department of Construction said that the unit has reported to the Provincial People’s Committee an investment project to build at least 1 million social houses for low-income people and industrial park workers. .

Accordingly, Binh Duong has issued many policies to attract social capital to invest in housing for workers and low-income people. Out of about 1.2 million non-provincial workers who come to Binh Duong, about 480,000 have stable housing (buying their own house, buying social housing, staying with family or relatives who have migrated).

In addition, there are about 200 businesses that build their own housing for employees, meeting about 50,000 people, the rest of the workers are having to rent houses to live in.

Currently, Binh Duong province has attracted investment in 86 social housing projects with a total land area of ​​nearly 200 hectares, equivalent to about 3.9 million square meters.2 construction floor. However, the quantity is still not enough compared to the actual demand. Many laborers still live in small, humid inns.

Binh Duong accelerates the development of social housing, opportunities to buy houses for low-income people - Photo 4.

Government leaders visit and survey a social housing area in Binh Duong. Photo: HT

According to Binh Duong Provincial People’s Committee, the construction of social welfare housing in the province is assigned to Becamex IDC Corporation to implement. In the first phase, 47,500 apartments were built. Becamex IDC continues to expand to the next phase with a total of 118,234 social housing houses in areas with a large number of workers such as: Ben Cat town, Tan Uyen town, Bau Bang district, …

In the coming time, Becamex IDC will continue to build 20,000 social houses in the next phase in VietSing Area (Thuan An City); Dinh Hoa Area (Thu Dau Mot City); My Phuoc Area (Ben Cat Town); Bau Bang area (Bau Bang District) with an investment of about 9,500 billion VND, is expected to put into use the first phase from the end of 2023.

In the coming period, the development of social housing in Binh Duong will have the participation of more private real estate businesses. Many large-scale affordable housing complexes will continue to be built to create a better living space for out-of-province workers.

Binh Duong Department of Construction proposed that authorities should have regulations binding the responsibilities of investors in the planning and development of industrial parks, such as regulations that must set aside a certain area to build houses for workers and people. labor; ensure that the development of industrial parks must be synchronized with the planning and development of housing and the conditions of essential social infrastructure for workers.

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