Bach Cong Khanh took a love photo with Truong My Nhan and Ngo Phuong Anh

TV series Predestined lives ended with a happy ending in a warm welcome from the audience. From the 2nd week of broadcast onwards, Destiny has always been the leading drama in the number of viewers across the country. The most mentioned name in the film is the trio Bach Cong Khanh – Truong My Nhan and Ngo Phuong Anh.

“A beautiful journey has ended with Duyen Kiep. Until now, Khanh still does not dare to believe the great love that people have for the film as well as Khanh’s role. I miss the team and the audience so much. Khanh looks forward to seeing everyone again soon in the next films “- Bach Cong Khanh shared.

Recently, the trio Bach Cong Khanh – Truong My Nhan – Ngo Phuong Anh made a joint photo series. This is a gift that the main actors of the movie Destiny sent to the audience who loved and supported them during the broadcast.

The set of photos was taken with a rather diverse concept, reminiscent of the tense “love triangle” in the movie. Bach Cong Khanh continues to have to “stand between two waters” with two beauties who are both beautiful, sexy and also extremely sharp.

Meanwhile, Truong My Nhan has stripped away from the silhouette of the gentle, simple and rural “auntie Hue” when cleverly choosing sets of clothes that thoroughly show off the advantages of her body such as slim shoulders, bee back and ant waist.

As for Ngo Phuong Anh, the sharp look of the “oldest aunt” is still promoted both in choosing costumes and acting. In Destiny, Bach Cong Khanh and Truong My Nhan were close friends in real life, so when they entered the film, the two did not face any difficulties.

Meanwhile, the first collaboration between Bach Cong Khanh and Ngo Phuong Anh brought a whole new atmosphere to the audience. The two have created a humorous laugh about the story of a wise wife – a foolish husband, especially in the first developments when they were newly married. At the same time, Phuong Anh’s sharp acting contrasts with Bach Cong Khanh’s fear, creating attractive nuances for viewers.

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