Mr. Biden received a low approval rating amid the hot issue of the public debt ceiling in the US

Mr. Biden received a low approval rating amid the hot issue of the public debt ceiling in the US
Mr. Biden received a low approval rating amid the hot issue of the public debt ceiling in the US

(CNN) – Mr. Biden does not have high support among Americans on the way he runs the economy, gun violence and immigration, according to a new poll.

US President Joe Biden (Photo: AP).

According to a recent poll from the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, only 33% of Americans polled approve of the way President Joe Biden runs the economy. Besides, only 24% think the US economy is in good shape.

In a time of high inflation, a tough housing market and concerns about a possible US government default, public support for Biden’s leadership remains very low. 40% of those surveyed said they support the way Mr. Biden is doing his job, about the same percentage over the past year and a half. The American public is also disappointed with Biden’s gun and immigration policies, with only 31% of them agreeing with his handling.

Zoie Mosqueda, 24, says her family is ready to buy their first home, but with average mortgage rates hovering around 6.9% today, that goal is still out of reach.

The woman from West Texas said she was disappointed with Biden’s handling of gun policy. She also argues that he has failed to keep his campaign promise to make immigration policy fairer.

Recently, across the United States, there have been a series of shootings, causing heavy damage to both people and property. Mosqueda wants Biden and lawmakers in Washington to do more to tackle gun violence.

Mr. Biden just made a trip to Hiroshima, Japan for the annual G7 summit. However, his involvement at the G7 was overshadowed by the administration’s negotiations with Republican lawmakers to find a way to prevent a US government default in early June. departing for Japan, Mr. Biden canceled originally scheduled stops in Papua New Guinea and Australia to return home early to focus on negotiations over the public debt ceiling.

Bob Vought, a former auto parts warehouse manager in St. Petersburg, Florida, is one of the strongest opponents of Biden’s handling of the economy. Vought lives on Social Security benefits, so economic inflation is taking a heavy toll on his personal finances.

In the 2020 election, Vought voted for Biden. So now he’s frustrated with Biden and the uncontrollable increase in migrants crossing the border illegally at the southern border of the United States.

Mr. Biden has announced his re-election bid for a second term in 2024. Hot issues such as the economy, gun violence, and immigration are expected to continue to be issues of great interest to American voters during the election. next year.

The AP-NORC poll was conducted from May 11 to May 15. There were 1,680 adults in the US who participated in the survey.

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