Detecting bombs when digging foundations to build houses


Ha TinhWhile digging the foundation to build a house, Mr. Le Khac Lien in Cam Hung commune, Cam Xuyen district discovered a bomb weighing 227 kg, located 3 m above the ground.

The bomb was found at 7am on May 25, under the foundation of Mr. Lien’s family house that was being built in Cam Hung commune, Cam Xuyen district. The authorities then put up warning signs, prohibiting people from accessing.

The bomb was discovered under the foundation of Mr. Lien’s new home. Image: Duc Hung

Today, the Military Command of Cam Xuyen District coordinated with the Engineers Department (Ha Tinh Province Military Command) to dig and deliver the MK82-branded bomb, weighing 227 kg, 1.54 m long, 274 mm in diameter. onto the ground. The forces transported bombs to the shooting range of Cam Quan commune, Cam Xuyen district to detonate.

The bomb was identified as a penetrating type, left over from the war, the shell was rusty at many points, but the inscriptions with the number were still very clear.

Authorities tied ropes to the bomb to transport it to destroy it. Image: Duc Hung

During the war years, many districts in Ha Tinh, including Cam Xuyen, suffered thousands of bombs and mines. Peace was restored, functional forces cleared all kinds of explosives, but there were still a few left in the ground.

Duc Hung

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