Creating impetus for agricultural development

Creating impetus for agricultural development
Creating impetus for agricultural development

Digital transformation is the driving force for agricultural development in the new era, helping agricultural products become transparent, ensure quality, increase value and reduce investment fees.

Create a synchronous connection

Colleges in Agriculture will be implemented synchronously in many contents and tasks, from information collection to data entry.

From there, on the memory will integrate many layers and layers about the potentials of Dak Nong agriculture such as land, climate, crops, growing areas, farming areas, farmers, cooperatives, businesses, warehouses. yards, traffic, factories, channels of consumption…

Over the course of college, the Agriculture sector has identified the most important factors. That is the connection between units, including: connection between people, businesses and the market; connecting people, businesses, state management agencies with the market.

QR codes for product traceability are getting more and more attention

Speaking at the Conference to deploy the Vietnamese agricultural community in June 2021, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung said that of the 34 national digital platforms that have just been assigned by the Government to develop in 2022, there are 9. Platform serving the Agriculture industry.

For example, agricultural digital data platform, agricultural product traceability platform, agricultural e-commerce platform, supply chain optimization platform. The platform is understood as an application software for the whole country, for the provinces, especially for communes and farmer households.

According to Mr. Pham Tuan Anh, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, when implementing the trade union, the State manages production, supports policies and updates, analyzes, orientates and forecasts the market.

Meanwhile, producers will be provided with quick and accurate information on production plans, production areas, production organization management, agricultural extension, weather, pests and diseases and markets for agricultural inputs. , labels, traceability.

Enterprises and cooperatives are informed about product purchasing plans, markets, output, traceability, processing systems, packaging systems, transportation systems, etc.

Mr. Pham Tuan Anh emphasized: “College is an opportunity and key to realize the goal of farmers producing quality agricultural products at low cost, but selling at a high price. The College also aims to build a “transparent – responsible – sustainable” agriculture.

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Positive starts

Recently, in the province, there has been an active start of agricultural colleges. For example, at the Gia Trung durian farm (Gia Nghia), for many years, it has applied watering and fertilizing technology through an automatic irrigation system connected to a smartphone.

With just a few simple steps, the farm owner was able to bring irrigation water from a distance of 1 km to the system and then regulate it to each area to be irrigated, with a specific amount of water and time.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Trung, owner of Gia Trung farm, said that this system was invested more than 10 years ago, operates steadily and safely. Depending on the needs and stages of care, he can actively perform the distribution of fertilizers, watering through the system correctly.

Thanks to this system, he was able to adjust the normal growth of durian to his liking to create off-season, off-season products that were sold at a higher price than in the off-season.

Or in hamlet 11, Dak Sin commune (Dak R’lap), Mr. Le Van Thang’s family is one of the pioneers in the community to raise livestock in the direction of large-scale farms.

More than 10 years ago, the family invested in a solid barn system of over 10,000 m2, designed cells, stables, food and drink troughs, and cool fans. Every year, Mr. Thang’s family maintains about 800 pigs per litter; about 2,000 chickens/broiler.

Many farmers in Dak Nong apply the Community College to introduce agricultural products right in the fields

Every year, he raises 2 litters of pigs and chickens, bringing in an income of 1-2 billion VND. Raising livestock on a large scale, for two years now, Mr. Thang has installed a camera system to monitor the farm.

This has helped him reduce labor, monitor the situation of the barn and livestock, and quickly handle unsafe situations.

In recent years, the traceability of agricultural products has attracted many households, cooperatives and businesses. Consumers can easily check the origin of products through the application of barcode scanning (QR code).

Basically, up to now, the province has traced the origin of products for 5 groups of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, key and potential foods. The trend of putting products on e-commerce platforms is also shifting strongly, contributing to shortening the distance from the place of production to the place of consumption.

The whole province now has hundreds of turns of products that people, businesses and cooperatives put on e-commerce platforms such as, and… to promote and consume.

Powdered coffee of Tin True Coffee Cooperative (Krong No) is available on the e-commerce floor

According to Mr. Ho Trong Tin, Director of Tin True Coffee Cooperative (Krong No), the cooperative has put three-star OCOP-standard coffee products on the trading floor.

Although the initial approach and purchase of products by users on the e-commerce floor is not much, the interaction and information research is increasing. Those are very good signals for the product.

According to Mr. Tin, e-commerce creates a great opportunity for businesses in bringing information about the cultivation process, cultivation, processing, packaging… to consumers.

From that information, consumers can easily trace the origin and check product quality. This helps people and businesses build and convince consumers.

It can be said that the practice of agricultural colleges in the province is not much. Because this is still a fairly new problem for farmers, businesses, cooperatives and specialized agencies.

However, the College has made positive starts, which is the premise for new orientations and strategies for the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

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