Spain deliberately lost to Japan, causing Germany to be bitterly eliminated?

Spain suddenly lost to Japan in the final round of the group stage with a score of 1-2. Despite the defeat, La Roja still went on thanks to being in second place with 4 points. In the match at the same time, although Germany won 4-2 against Costa Rica and had the same 4 points, they still had to stop because they were behind Spain in goal difference (+1 vs +6). On social networks, there were suspicions that coach Luis Enrique’s teachers and students deliberately lost to Japan to fall into the “easy” bracket in the next rounds of the 2022 World Cup.

Spain’s draw will be easier to breathe when finishing in 2nd place in Group E

Specifically, before entering the match against Japan, the chance for Spain to pass the group stage is very large. Before the last round of Group E started, La Roja led with 4 points and had a goal-loss difference of +7 while Japan (3 points) ranked 2nd with a difference of 0. Costa Rica won 3 points. , ranked 3rd with a difference of -6 while Germany only got 1 point and ranked last with a difference of -1. That means if you draw or win against Japan, Spain will definitely finish in No.

If Spain wins the top spot of Group E, Spain will meet the runner-up of Group F, Croatia in the round of 16. However, then in the quarter-finals, semi-finals… La Roja can face Argentina (the first team in C) or Brazil (the team that is almost certain to win the top spot in Group G). These are the opponents who are not comfortable with the abandoned team.

However, if they lose to Japan, Spain’s ability to pass the group stage is still really high. At this point, they will finish the group stage with 2nd place and face the top team of Group F, Morocco. In this bracket, Spain can face England, France or Portugal. Compared to South American teams, facing familiar European opponents will be easier to breathe with La Roja.

In addition, the elimination of Germany – the leading candidate for the 2022 World Cup championship, also helps Spain have more opportunities to touch the gold cup in Qatar. In World Cup history, Germany has always been the team that goes deeper, the better they play. In the group stage, Spain also had to work very hard to hold Germany with a score of 1-1.

Did Spain’s calculation indirectly cause Germany to be eliminated?

Of course, the above is just a theory pointed out by fans after Group E World Cup 2022 ends. Anyway, the result was decided, Japan and Spain went hand in hand and Germany was bitterly eliminated by losing on goal difference.

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