Hot and sexy beauty of Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend

On December 26, Song Joong Ki’s management company confirmed that he had a new girlfriend, the same day Korean media reported that the girl’s identity was British actress – Katy Louise Saunders.

On December 26, HighZium Studio – actor Song Joong Ki’s management company – confirmed his dating information with his new girlfriend. The agency said, “Song Joong Ki is meeting and has a good relationship with a girl. We ask for your understanding as we cannot confirm other information except dating. Please be careful with unverified information.”
Osen newspaper reported that Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend is a former British actress – Katy Louise Saunders. Before the above information, the actor’s management company “The youngest tycoon” refused to answer.
Katy Louise Saunders was born in 1984, from the UK is a bachelor of Bocconi University. She has participated in films such as The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003), The Borgia (2006), Third Person (2013), etc.
Song Joong Ki’s new girlfriend started her acting career in 2002 with her debut movie “Journey called love” in the role of Sibilla Aleramo. In addition to being an actress, she is also known as a model.
However, Katy Louise Saunders did not pursue an acting career. By 2018, she stopped acting altogether. Currently, the girlfriend of the actor “The youngest tycoon” is working as an English tutor.
Throughout her acting career, Katy Louise Saunders impressed with the role of Valentina in the movie “What will be of us”. In 2007, she took on the lead role in the film “I want you” directed by Luis Prieto.
Previously, in September when Song Joong Ki received the Daesang award at the Apan Star Awards, the actor mentioned his girlfriend in his thank you speech.
According to Sport Joseon, the two have been dating for nearly a year, then the Korean media raved about the image of Song Joong Ki walking with the strange woman. Before the above information, the actor did not hide it, but confirmed that he was in a romantic relationship.
In particular, during the trip to Singapore to attend the press conference “The youngest tycoon” on December 7, Song Joong Ki openly introduced his girlfriend to everyone. After this official appearance, the actor and his girlfriend returned home and spent a lot of time together in Korea.
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Even Korean media reported that on December 22, Song Joong Ki and his British girlfriend were seen at the maternity clinic. Before the above information, the actor’s management company “Descendants of the Sun” replied, “We cannot give a specific answer in this matter, other than to confirm that the two are dating. together”.

Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend has a sexy body, when wearing a bikini, she shows off her fiery body.
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Katy Louise Saunders impresses with sweet, classic beauty. The former actor has a graceful face and attractive body.

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Katy Louise Saunders has an English father and a Colombian mother. She is 1 year older than the actor “The youngest tycoon”. Song Joong Ki was born in 1985, the audience knows the actor through hit dramas such as “Vincenzo”, “Space Sweepers”, “Sungkyunkwan love story”, “Idiot”, “Werewolf”, “After” Descendants of the Sun”…. The actor “Descendants of the Sun” married Song Hye Kyo in 2017, but after nearly 3 years of living together, the two officially divorced, shocking public opinion.

Katy Louise Saunders and Song Joong Ki were seen holding hands at the airport:

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