VinFast announced a mini electric car model, which is expected to become a new “national vehicle” of Vietnamese people


On June 8, 2023, VinFast officially announced the small electric car model VF 3. With its compact and modern advantages, the VF 3 is suitable for many uses and operating space; at the same time is the green, smart and dynamic mobility choice for everyone.

VF 3 belongs to the small car segment (Mini car) and is the first small car model researched and developed by VinFast based on the characteristics and traffic habits of domestic consumers.

The car has an overall length of about 3,114 mm, with a design of 2 side doors, 1 rear trunk door, Interior space is enough for 5 people to sit. The body of the car is compact but tall and strong thanks to its 16-inch wheels, creating a large ground clearance, making it easy to move on many terrain conditions. The exterior stands out with strong geometric blocks and strong lines throughout from front to back.

In particular, the square headlights and rearview mirror, the stylized V-shaped bird logo on the front and rear bumpers are the highlights that create a uniform design language, bringing dynamic visual effects and impression for the overall design of the car. Towards the goal of becoming a model for everyone, every home, VinFast VF 3 will have many color options for consumers to choose from.

Regarding the interior, the VF 3 is designed to be minimalist to optimize the space for 5 people to sit inside. Basic smart features are fully integrated, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience for users.

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The car is equipped with an electric motor and battery that has a good travel distance to meet the needs and daily usage habits of the vast majority of Vietnamese. It is expected that VinFast VF 3 will officially receive registration orders in September 2023 and hand over in the third quarter of 2024.

The VF 3 will have 2 versions, Eco and Plus, with a price that is suitable for the accessibility of the majority of people, providing a safe, convenient and smart transportation solution for everyone. With outstanding advantages such as zero emissions, no noise, environmental friendliness and special emphasis on safety, VF 3 is expected to become a “national vehicle” new of the Vietnamese people, contributing to the realization “dream car” of millions of families, improving the quality of life and creating a strong motivation for the popularization of electric cars in Vietnam.

Hoang Thuy

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