What does singer Ha Phuong say about divorce news with billionaire Chinh Chu?


On the morning of May 25, an article reported on a legal dispute between model Simona Andrejic and billionaire Chinh Chu published in August 2019 by the newspaper. The Daily MailEngland controversial.

In the article, author Bridie Pearson-Jones mentioned singer Ha Phuong when describing Chinh Chu’s background: “Ha Phuong – the billionaire’s ex-wife – is a famous actress and singer in Vietnam. Betel nut garden flowers hers was broadcast during halftime at the 1994 World Cup”.

Another paragraph, the author wrote: “Mr. Chu – a single father of 2 children – is currently said to be dating a Russian female model.”

The details from the article published a while ago made the Vietnamese audience stir. An account commented: “2019 coincided with the time when Ha Phuong returned to the country to shoot MV and film, it seems to match the data”.

Rare photo of Ha Phuong and Chinh Chu.

VietNamNet contacted singer Ha Phuong and received a response: “Our family is living together and said we’re getting a divorce. My wife and I are used to this kind of news. They targeted Mr. Chu, so we were first. here choose to be silent so as not to fall prey to the crooks.”

Singer Ha Phuong said that because the family is “frequently rumored”, the audience should be wary of information.

Billionaire Chinh Chu was born in Vietnam and came to the US at the age of 8. He is the CEO of Blackstone Group – the world’s leading alternative investment management group, which has done many successful deals. According to The RichestChinh Chu’s assets are estimated at 1.1 billion USD.

Ha Phuong got married and followed Chinh Chu to the US to settle down in 2000. They have 2 daughters together, a 12-year-old girl and a 10-year-old girl.

In 2022, Ha Phuong once shared with VietNamNet about a happy marriage with a billionaire husband. As a tycoon’s wife, she does not feel pressure like movies, on the contrary, is pampered by her husband’s family.

The secret of a singer is to always know her limits. She does everything in moderation, without affecting her husband’s reputation.

Ha Phuong spends all her time and love taking care of her husband and children, nurturing her home. According to her, every man needs a peaceful place to return to after a working day.

Ha Phuong hardly spends Chinh Chu’s money except for the times when he actively sends her money for charity. The most expensive gift the billionaire husband ever gave her was a theater located on the couple’s estate.1

Singer Ha Phuong revealed her marriage to billionaire husband Chinh Chu

Ha Phuong laughed when she heard about the turbulent marriage of the tycoon often seen on the screen. Because, her 20 years together and billionaire Chinh Chu are always happy and simple.

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